Psychic Q&A: He Wants Her Back

Unsure of Her Feelings

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Dear Psychic Sloane,

My girlfriend and I broke up about two months ago and I want her back. Is this really going to happen? Will we be a happy, loving couple again? We do communicate, but only through Facebook Messenger because she has started seeing another woman. I take her efforts to stay in contact as a sign that she still has some feelings for me, but I’m just not completely sure what those feelings are. I just want to know if we’ll be a couple again.

Psychic Sloane ext. 6570 responds:

Dear Friend,

I know you want your relationship to go back to what it once was, but that is not what Spirit is showing you. You should continue to love her from the bottom of your heart, but you shouldn’t expect anything in return. I know this is not what you were hoping to hear, but it’s the truth. It’s also your best course of action, as your heart is unable to stop the connection and desire you feel.

You must begin to fill yourself up with energy on a consistent basis. The truth is, you are very depleted right now because you still long for the past, and your ex-girlfriend, but that’s not what’s best for you. Spirit wants you to heal your heart and fill your emptiness, and you cannot use another person to do that—you must do it for yourself. If you do, you will be able to take those emotions you’ve been feeling for your ex-girlfriend and move them through your body so they no longer remain stagnant. Eventually, you will be able to release them. You’ll also be able to move forward and understand love better.


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  1. Kimberly Murphy

    Dear California chics ,
    In my life I e lost my husband leaving me alone to raise our 13 month old daughter 5 years later I moved on had another child my son his dad passed when he was 12 years old I’ve managed to raise my children alone daughter is in need of help w child care she’ll b in Texas I’m in Bar Harbor Maine should I go and make that big move ( I have housing assistance for I’m poor on disability can transfer my housing vouchers to Texas ) I’m scared yet excited about new adventures and be w my 1st grandson Do you honestly digest I make the big move need an outsider advice thanks


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