Psychic Q&A: Hopes and Dreams Shattered

A Roller-Coaster Life

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Dear Psychic Cameron,

My life is a roller coaster of shattered hopes and dreams. I ended a marriage of 24 years, five years ago, and both of us have moved on but he keeps coming back to me in thoughts and dreams. He is an alcoholic and was verbally abusive to me for years until I could not take it anymore. He was dragging me down with him. My kids left home; I had a boss who took advantage of me and moved me five times in eight years; my step-dad and mom died, and I was drinking way too much and smoking. I quit smoking, tempered the drinking way back, and am trying to heal.

I am happy in my new marriage but struggling financially and trying to create methods of income to help me survive and to repair our home, which is old. We love it but it has plumbing, electrical, sill, roof, and floors/joists issues for starters. I had to sell my beloved riding horse too. My husband was hit by a drunk driver two years ago. The pain he suffers plus a heart attack and a brain tumor makes him unable to work. We are living on credit cards to make sure we eat and pay our bills too. I have a full-time job that I love and am an artist on the side but that has not taken off yet. I feel something great is about to break through but my guides keep telling me to be patient.

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Thank you so much for your letter. Your life experience is touching and the courage you have shown up to this point is great. Clearly, it has not always been easy. It has been my experience after more than 30 years of giving psychic readings that for some of my clients, life is a little like going to kindergarten, and for others, it’s more like being in graduate school. In other words, some of them have more challenges and suffering to deal with, but in many cases, this also means that something they have gone through can help others in their lifetime. It seems that Spirit has entrusted you with a great assignment.

Continue to show up in your life with dignity and grace. It can be tempting to feel like a victim when you’re struggling a lot, but this is a critical time to believe in yourself. My cards indicate that the worst is behind you. You’re learning the lessons you should learn, and now is your time to thrive. The Nine of Cups tells me that happiness and fulfillment are on their way!

Many of your difficult experiences have taught you to be independent and to stand up for yourself. I am being shown that next year will certainly be much easier on you and your family. As things become more stable, I see you committing more to your art and creativity. The Seven of Cups reveals that there are some beautiful creations coming too. My guides suggest that if you show discipline and work hard, the powers that be will recognize you for it.

There is also a person who will come into your life in the next six months to either mentor or help sell your work. I can see you being very successful in this area. While life hasn’t always been easy, you have a strong capacity for unconditional love and you should express that in your art. You may even teach art to children or elders. You will also have a horse again, according to my guides.

The focus for the rest of this year and through 2018 is trust and gratitude. Some of the best experiences of your life still await you. Move forward with confidence and know that you have a powerful story to share—one that will inspire others as you’ve inspired me!


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