Psychic Q&A: Still Here With Me?

Psychic Q&A: Still Here with Me | California Psychics

Taken Too Soon

Hello Psychic Marin,

I recently lost my friend in a tragic and gruesome car accident. I miss him so much, and I cry for him every day. I’m wondering if he’s still around me. Does he know that I love and miss him?


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10 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Still Here With Me?

  1. JUDY

    Hi everyone I’m Judy from Dallas County Tx., My husband who has left me for 7 months because of his new found mistress is back, We have been married for 14 years with 3 beautiful kids. I love my husband so much but I could not stop him. I need our marriage to work, I have read countless books on how to please your husband but none worked.

  2. Sharon Milton

    Hi, Marin’s
    My name is sharon my husband passed away September 2016 of a heart attack he was alone when he passed. He did something to me that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. He never said that he was sorry to me for what he had done. We where married for well over 10 years. My question is, was he ever sorry for the actions he took 8 months before he passed away.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  3. Donna

    I lost my son 7 years ago and I want to know if he is in heaven with other family members and if he knows how much we love and miss him. I finally received a message in my sleep from after all of this time of praying that somehow he would tell me why and he did, but I always try to be still and listen or look for signs and I do feel him and get signs, but just want to know if he hears us or sees?

  4. Jojo

    Yes he’s still with you.. when we lose our loved ones their still around us. Thier just in spirit form, they’ll leave little reminders to let us know that there close.. feathers, coins, a song u hear on radio, repeating number etc.. anything that reminds u of them like perfume/cologne you might smell theres lots of ways

  5. Brittany

    Hi my name is brittany I am a member here with California Psychics and have been happy with all my accurate readings! I never had a reading about my grandma Rebecca that passed Away back in 2008 2009 I miss her so much. Is she still with Me ? Can send her a message? Will she respond

  6. Deborah Tucker

    I lost my baby daughter in car accident In dec.2015

    lost son July 2019 he was murder

    I would like tu on here from them i am lost for words just exiting


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