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With broken hearts, we share the sad news that Psychic Giselle has passed away.  Giselle was a fun-loving and compassionate psychic who had been providing phenomenal readings for people and pets for over 25 years. Giselle was known for making her clients extremely comfortable with her warm, inviting, and funny nature. She was even a talented belly-dancer. Giselle had worked with California Psychics since 2009.

Some words from Giselle’s loved one’s:

“Knowing her as we did, it would have been her wish for her death to be remembered as a celebration of her life as she was a strong believer that life does not end with death of the physical body, but rather as a graduation of spirit to the other side. We invite you to remember her as we will: as the happy, smiling, light, spiritual being that she is and was!”

 Here is what some of Psychic Giselle’s customers had to say about reading with her:

“Giselle is a gift. She always calms my anxiety down and keeps me calm doing my reading. She is one of the best. Thank you for being there for me and giving me awesome readings. Thank you for being there. I appreciate it.”

“OMG AMAZING! What an amazing soul. Everything she saw were things she saw from spirit. It freaked me out in the best possible way and brought me to tears!!”

“Giselle has a wonderful gift. She is kind and so enlightening. Right away she got what I was talking about and put me at ease. She told me things about my dog that were 100% right on. She put my mind at ease and I am forever grateful for connecting with this kind, amazing psychic! Thank you Giselle.”

In Giselle’s Own Words:

“I have this thing I call “Therapy-in-the-Sky” where I am able to call in the person the caller may have questions about or might not be able to speak to in real life and I can actually get a 3-way conversation going, with me acting as interpreter. Many people find this very helpful as it gives them a chance to see things from the other person’s perspective and also ask questions in a safe environment. I am also able to give guidance based on what is the highest good for all concerned as communicated from the caller’s higher self and spirit guides. I set all my readings to be healing and when I call someone in psychically and talk to them, they may not know that we are communicating with them consciously, but they do know sub-consciously. I have developed my own unique and personal style that I am constantly honing and refining. I also continue my own healing as I am always seeking to get better myself so that I may better help others.”

Giselle was a long-time and beloved member of the California Psychics family. We will miss her greatly.

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12 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Giselle

  1. Nina

    I just met a Giselle Gastinet on internet say she is physic now I read that the real Giselle Gastinet passed away so does that mean that somebody using Giselle name to collect money from people because she asked me money before Reading my cards online….the date she make contact with me is on 22 November 2021.

  2. Shadeika Taylor

    I am very very. Glad i realized that gizelle is dead becuz somebody been texting me online as her so now as am speaking am going to block them right away .these damn scammers

  3. Helen

    I received a reply from a paid answer from Gisselle days after she died It was not her style of writing someone else wrote it l cannot take it seriously this is very sad as l had such a wonderful relationship with her l disliked the pages of information sent to me explain please

  4. Rejean De Scande

    I just met a Giiselle Gastinet on internet say she is physic now I read that the real Giselle Gastinet passed away so does that mean that somebody using Giselle name to collect money from people because she asked me money before Reading my cards online….the date she make contact with me is on 13 October 2021


      I also met the same person and asked me a certain amount of cash. after a few days of ignoring, i decided to take my chances and that person sent me some numbers and told me to bet on lottery for few times before 22 days. I did that and won some money and the person promised me that i will win more than a million of rand, it never happened the way. though the money I won was more than I gave to that person and was the first time when I become that lucky. maybe Giselle is working in spirit.

  5. Latoya

    I’m so sorry I just thought of Giselle and I said I can’t find her only to know she died omg I’m crying right now and psychic faith sorry guys omg

  6. misskrystal

    I am so sad to hear this news. I was blessed to meet this lovely woman, at several CP events. I was able to visit a few times, with her. She was beautiful and very smart. I admired her strength and love for her pets. I can already feel her angelic vibrations. I will miss seeing her. Sending much sympathy to her friends and family. God bless. Miss Krystal

  7. Danni

    Very sad to learn of Giselle’s passing. She was kind, insightful and a pleasure to know. Blessing of Love and Peace to her family and friends, may her Light live on through you.

  8. Tamika

    I am so saddened to hear this she was my go to person when I wanted to know exactly what the poi was saying I was just looking for her in my account an seen she wasn’t there rest well you will truly be missed ❤️


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