How to Create a Gratitude Bowl

How to Create a Gratitude Bowl | California Psychics

Attitude of Gratitude

It’s been said that the attitude of gratitude will bring you more of what you want. This is definitely true, and one wonderful way to deeply immerse yourself in feelings of gratitude and thankfulness this Thanksgiving, or at anytime, is to create a Gratitude Bowl.

You can use this bowl as a focus centerpiece–as a space for gratitude–to have you and your group talk about what you’re all most thankful for. What blessings are you most grateful for in family, friends, love, health, career, and life?

Your Bowl, and What to Fill it With

You can use any kind of bowl you think will serve your needs. There are bowls made of wood, crystal, glass, porcelain, or any material that feels right to you. You may want to paint the word “Gratitude”, “Grateful”, or “Thankful” on it, or whatever word you feel fits the occasion. You can put anything you like into your bowl: Notes of love and appreciation about your family and friends, crystals, food, or anything else that inspires gratitude for you. You can have one bowl or several; whatever you feel inspired to create.

You might wish to provide paper and pens to have everyone write down something they are grateful for and add it to the bowl you’ve chosen for this purpose. When the time is right, you may choose to have each of your folks pick one of the notes and read it out loud, be it their own or someone else’s. If you wish to fill a Gratitude Bowl with food, perhaps start by picking foods you know your group likes to eat, be it fruits, nuts, vegetables, sweets or all of the above.

Filling the Bowl with Crystals

If you want to have a gratitude bowl filled with crystals, choose any crystal or mix of crystals that feels right to you. You can buy stones with the word “Gratitude” (and other inspirational words) engraved on them (Amazon carries them) or you can go outside and pick your own stones and paint your choice of words on them!

Fill the bowl with at least one stone for each person in your gathering, perhaps before a meal you are sharing. They can either pick one for themselves or you can do it for them. You can wrap each stone in a pretty piece of paper with their name on it so they can write down what they are thankful for, and take it with them, or have them set their intention of gratitude by holding it in their hands to program it with their thoughts, hopes, dreams, and everything they are grateful for. All they need to do is sit with their crystal and think into it; the crystal will pick up their vibrations and hold it within.

Best Crystals for the Bowl

Some precious stones and crystals known to promote and inspire gratitude are:

Rose Quartz – Known as “the Love Stone.” Rose Quartz is a perfect choice to fill up your crystal gratitude bowl.

Clear Quartz – This is “the Master Crystal” (for every purpose.)

Amethyst  – This royal purple crystal is called “the Gem of Fire” and “the Bishop’s Stone.”

Seraphinite – This crystal is known as “the Seraphim Angel Stone,” and “the Stone of Enlightenment.”

Tiger’s Eye – Also known as “the All-Seeing, All Knowing Eye” and “the Stone of the Golden Ray.”

Chrysoprase – This is “the Receiver Crystal” and “the Stone of Optimism, Joy, and Happiness.”

Green Apatite – This crystal goes by the name “the Stone of Manifestation.” (All green stones align with the Heart Chakra.)

Malachite – Named “the Stone of Transformation.”

Kyanite – Known as “the Healing Tranquility Crystal.”

Green Aventurine – This crystal is named “the Stone of Opportunity” and “the Financial Blessing Stone.”

Sharing the Gratitude
Once each person feels complete, they can either all share what they are thankful for with everyone, or hold their intentions in silence, whatever you decide beforehand. Have each person place their crystal back in the bowl to radiate gratitude for the rest of the meal or visit.

At the end of your evening, your group can take their crystals home with them or leave them in the bowl so you can “hold the torch” of thankfulness for them. This Gratitude Bowl is now sacred and can be placed wherever you want it. You can leave it in a special spot for the year and then if you wish, you can start a fresh group gratitude infusion again at the next gathering.

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