Psychic Q&A: A Jailbird Stole Her Heart

Making Promises He Won’t Keep

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Dear Kallista,

I met him 4 years ago. We carried on a long-distance relationship for almost a year. I traveled to see him because my finances were stronger and he was on parole. Then I found out that he was engaged to a woman 15 years younger than himself. Two years ago his broke his parole and was sent back for two years. He asked me to please take care of his things and gave me power of attorney to his accounts etc. So we have kept in contact during his incarceration. He has been out now since May. He flew in to see me, get his things, and take care of the power of attorney. Also, he wants to pick up and repair our previous relationship. Is this a sincere request with honest motives from him?

Pam O.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Pam,

Thank you for your question. You are an angel of mercy on earth. You’ve given so much to this man, but you are wise to question whether or not his motives are sincere. Although he wants to keep it hidden from you, he is currently making similar promises to another woman. He senses your loving kindness, your generous heart, and your forgiving nature, and he hopes you won’t realize he is manipulating you. But you are aware that he may not be trustworthy, and you are right. Please do all you can to distance yourself from him, for your own well-being. Know that by letting go of this man, you will be setting yourself free from another kind of prison.

If you are wondering if new love will come for you soon, it will. This new man I’m seeing will prove to be a soulmate for you. In addition to your being attracted to one another, he has a heart of gold and strives to help others, just like you do. You deserve a reliable man you can trust, and this new one will certainly be just that.

Wishing you every blessing,


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