Psychic Q&A: Burned-Out Caregiver

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Dear Melissa,

I recently turned 26 and I’m having a career problem. I have been working as a caregiver for the last eight years and I’m completely burned out. I’d like to begin a new career, and I have been looking for something, but I’ve not had any luck. Most people are very passionate about something and they instantly know what their dream job would be. I, on the other hand, do not. I would like to know what my life path is. What is my purpose in life? This is all so confusing and I am hoping for guidance.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Erica L.

Psychic Melissa ext. 6418 responds:


26 is too young to be burned out! Caregiving is a physically and emotionally demanding job, and it’s rare that someone works as long as you have in that field for just that reason—even if it’s their passion. The way you worded your question makes me wonder, have you had a hard time finding a job, or have you had a hard time finding a job you’re passionate about? You are young enough to try a variety of jobs, and build your skill set into something other than being a caregiver, which would help you in two ways. First, you would get the opportunity to try new work opportunities, uncover hidden talents, and even do something that excites you! Secondly, it would add to your work skills. Basic skills like cash-handling, office procedures, and customer service can be carried into a variety of careers.

If you aren’t particularly passionate about a job opportunity, say, for instance, receptionist and office support at a roofing company, look at it instead as an opportunity to learn on the job, get those skills, master them, and move onward and upward to your next learning opportunity. The best part is that you get paid to learn, rather than paying for schooling that may or may not bring you a career you are passionate about. Even temporary job assignments can help you motivate yourself with the prospect of new challenges, new procedures to learn, new software to master, and so on. Your local workforce center can help you find these jobs, and also provide free training. Take advantage of everything they can offer you!

You may qualify for a free trade school, or even college, to give yourself a broader skill set and more experience. Working with an experienced life path psychic and a career advice psychic will help you find your path in life, and more importantly, guide you as you explore a bigger world than the one you find yourself living in now. It’s only a matter of time, so take these steps until you find your perfect fit—a career you are happy with!

Good luck to you on your adventure!



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5 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Burned-Out Caregiver

  1. Connie

    I feel I don’t know stuck, I have always was told I was born in March but then I had to get birth certificate for licence it has my birthday for February. Is that why feel confused in life.

  2. Heather

    So I read the question and the response… the response was a little more than disappointing. At the end she clearly asked what her life path was and what was her purpose in life and neither question was answered at all…….

  3. Guadalupe

    I feel I can over achieve in all my task at work. My passion is to help others to always be a lending hand. I work as a nurse for a doctors office. But when it comes to my love life I feel I achieved 99 steps and then I’m back to my negatives. I’m truly truly in love with someone that i share 10yrs of daily goals, wisdom and so much. We went from all that to barely talking about anything to now having, last 2 weeks, go be able to have conversation and being able to hang out for an hr or 2. Be able to be more who we once were. My question is will we get back together or should I just let go and walk away? I’m a dreamer and don’t ever give up I know the last 3 months I’ve learn so much of myself that I have lost sight of at some point in time. I love him and wish to be able to get back together and be stronger than ever.


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