Career Coaching From Spirit Guides

Joanne from New York writes:

I’ve been in a career that I like for the past 30 plus years, and the last five have been rocky, to say the least. Usually I’ve experienced contact with my guides, but lately there is no connection. I can’t go through another bad experience and don’t know how to go forward. I ask for guidance as to what to do, but no answer.

What’s wrong, and why do I keep encountering these bad experiences? If I’m supposed to do something else, I have no idea what that is. I do like my line of work, but something’s gotta give!

Dear Joanne:

I really sympathize with you!  It is so frustrating when we need answers and go to the place that has provided them in the past, with no results.  It is like knocking your head against the proverbial brick wall.

It seems sometimes (a lot of times) that my best knowledge comes from my failures! In the past, I have had happen to me what is happening to you – seeking and being open to good advice from the spirit guides, with no result. I have had them just stubbornly “look back” at me when absolutely I have no idea what direction to go in. This is not only frustrating but painful!

The last time this occurred, I did have somewhat of an “eureka” moment. In that moment I realized that my guides were basically telling me to figure this out for myself, that I was capable of doing this and they knew it. I needed to take this step alone.

Well, as it turned out, I did take a step and it did work out. Perhaps it wasn’t a perfect step but I did it by myself with positive results. My guides wanted me to know, I think, that I could make good decisions on my own and that, by the way, God was always with me, no matter what I decided.

So, Joanne, I hope this helps. You feel you need to make changes in your life and I’m thinking you can do this on your own. Your guides are telling you that you can and I know that God is on your side. Trust your own judgment on this and go forward. Let us know how things are working for you!

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14 thoughts on “Career Coaching From Spirit Guides

  1. heba mohamed

    why i alwys lose my lover the point is in my life i never compalete any thing as happy person always some thing cut it no luck at all on any thing life love work money helthy no any thing can u tell me way and if all of this is or some is going to change can u tell me when ??? Can u tell me when i will marry

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  3. Ujjwal

    Hi Abby! I’m online right now, too! Thanks for checikng it all out. I’m glad you like my new blog. There are still some things that need to be changed, but it’s mostly finished. It was supposed to be up yesterday, but I thought there was a problem with the blog preview. Everything is fine now, though.

  4. Kathy

    I have always found this to be true, that when all seems silent and prayers are not answered, it’s because I can do it myself. I am capable, and like Bilbo Baggins, there’s more in me than I suspect. I just need to discover it. Sometimes I need to employ creativity, and other times I need to listen for the small still voice. That’s not always a Guide, that’s me. So, give yourself credit. Your spirit knows things just like “the spirits” know things. connect with yourself. It’s something we all seem to forget to do in this world called the Rat-Race.

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  14. misskrystal

    nice job, tansy…we all know that jobs/career can have ups and downs…Cycles….Some are a lot easier than others….
    miss krystal


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