Red Responds: He Popped the Question

Denise from Chicago, Illinois asks:

Dear Red, I had consulted with you about a year ago asking if there is a compatible mate in my future and about recurring past loves. You responded saying that you saw a marriage about three years down the road and that it would move rather quickly-picking out rings after five dates. You also predicted that the men would continue to come in and fade around me, which remained true.

I recently became engaged after three months of dating which is obviously very fast! This also happened with my ex husband, he purposed only four weeks into the relationship. I’m curious, is this an opportunity to learn from my past or to embrace who I am inherently? Your vision was three years down the road—so is this truly the one?

We both have two kids the same age and sex, and we even got married and divorced the same years. We are very compatible in many ways, and have a very active and passionate sex life—which he insists his sex drive kicked into high gear with me. My biggest concern is that he was engaged once before, and I worry that I’m living in her shadow and might be wearing her ring! Is this intuition or paranoia? Also, very recently, I lost my home and I’m not in a good financial situation—so I might have to move in with my new fiancé. He welcomes the idea of living together and is even setting a date. Should I be concerned or do I have so many walls up that I’m not open to real love?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Denise,

Wow, that’s a lot of questions! Hopefully, I’ll be able to help you out a bit and put your mind at ease…

Let’s start with the fact that your fiancé is devotedly in love with you. Even though his ex may come up from time to time, you aren’t living in her shadow. He feels like he “traded up;” which is something you may want to gently discuss with him when it comes to your ring, so that you can dismiss some of your fears and be more comfortable. It looks like he traded in or sold his ex’s ring to get the one you’re wearing. Even though it isn’t the same ring, there is some kind of link there. However, in his defense, he thought you would love the ring, and was just being financially practical. It really doesn’t go any deeper than that.

Speaking of financial practicality—living with your fiancé prior to marrying him seems like a very good idea. You have too many fears and concerns surrounding this relationship to be rushing down the aisle. The two of you do seem extremely compatible and have the ability to create a happy and secure future with one another, but it would be wise for you to come to this conclusion through your own experiences rather than psychic predictions. I see what I see, but it’s your life, and you’re the one living it. So, while you can take comfort in knowing that things can work out, unless and until you feel it, I would advise you to take things one step at a time.

As far as timelines go, psychic timing is rarely easy and not always accurate. As I tell everyone, I do the best that I can, but psychic timing is tough! The only beings, on any plane of existence, obsessed with time is us—linear human beings. Spiritually speaking, time is liquid and fluid, and therefore changeable by its very nature. When it comes to timing, most of the psychics I know (myself included) are either “on” or “off.” Things can change. Any unforeseen action or inaction can seal or void a timing prediction. There is just too many variables that can impact a timeline prediction, and not everything can be seen or controlled. The further out the timeline, the more room there is for something to alter it—bringing the manifestation of events either closer to you or further away. So, even though I gave you a prediction of three years when I last read for you, that isn’t something you should necessarily be basing your decisions on. It would be much wiser for you to trust your own intuition and feelings when it comes to things such as when the right time is for you to marry.

Brightest Blessings,


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