Charles Orlando: The Problem With Women… is Men

I recently had the privilege to speak with Charles Orlando, the author of the book The Problem With Women… is Men. After years spent playing the field as a “ladies’ man,” Orlando had a sudden awakening, realizing that his womanizing behavior was much less evolved than where he wanted to be. He set out on a quest to improve himself and become a better man, and in the process came to realize that we live in a society in which men are allowed to stay childish and even destructive in their relationships with women, and that men have a long, long way to go in growing up and becoming truly evolved. The story of his own personal journey, as well as interviews with over 1,600 men and women on the topic of men’s behavior and maturation processes, formed the basis for The Problem With Women… is Men: The Evolution of a Man’s Man to a Man of Higher Consciousness, an at-times humorous, helpful, and sobering guide to the current front lines of the War of the Sexes – it’s been called “The handbook husbands should come with!”

Now a husband, father, and women’s empowerment advocate, Orlando is a regular guest on many television and radio talk shows across the country.

I sat down to speak with Charles Orlando about his views – an interview that I will be covering and providing highlights from over the next few weeks. To start with, we delved into exactly what Orlando’s view of what an “evolved man” should be actually is:

“It’s more than just a manicure and some Marc Jacobs shoes… the truth of it is that men suffer from a variety of flaws based on primal instincts to sire children and perpetuate their bloodline. But if this is, in fact, civilization, then we need to evolve past what those flaws are. Up until about 1940, women definitely had ‘their place,’ and then World War II came about and women were thrust into an equal status with men. Then men came back from war, and wanted to put them back in the kitchen, so to speak. And that’s not what women are willing to deal with anymore. So now, 60 to 70 years later, women have evolved past what their counterparts were back in the early 1900s – and long, long before – but men haven’t really caught up. They’re trying to maintain the same levels of control and dominance; they’re trying to build their own harems, so to speak, and that’s evident in all the men who are getting caught in these infidelity scandals. They’re trying to keep the same lack of behavioral etiquette, and they’re not investing emotionally in their relationships. You put those things together, and you have a setup for failure. You have women who want more from men, and you have men who aren’t used to providing that.

“So what is an evolved man? An evolved man is someone who can address all those flaws, recognize that men are inherently flawed… so I’ve come up with some broad suggestions that address a multitude of men – not all – but enough to where I was able to establish a trendline. It’s those men that I’m hoping will read the book.”

Men might be slow to come around – but how are women responding to the book?

“The women who are reading the book, which is really where it’s been most accepted, are really interested in understanding what their contributions are to these failed relationships – and I’ve been motivated to tell women that it’s not their job to change a men. Men have to change on their own, just like women have to change on their own. So if they can identify which of those men are serious about them, which are on this path of evolution, they won’t have as many failed relationships, and they won’t have to sacrifice their self-esteem or their individuality in order to placate the man in their life to make the relationship.”

And what would a better world look like?

“[One] where women don’t have their proverbial place in relationships and in the world,” Charles explains. “Where everything is based on skill set. Where the glass ceiling does not exist. Where women are valued for valid opinions, intelligence, and smarts – and not looked at like a walking vagina.”

We’ll be including more from our interview with Charles soon, as we continue to look at how men and women’s behavior has changed in the last several decades, and how it can continue to evolve. (Charles recently posted one of our articles to his Facebook – Should We Let Men Cheat? – stirring up a storm of controversy with over 88 comments, most of which consisting of Charles’ fans saying “NOT A CHANCE!”)

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7 thoughts on “Charles Orlando: The Problem With Women… is Men

  1. joy

    Hi there! I’m a 24 yrs old lady who’s been in a relationship for 4 years nw, the past 3 years were living together very gud until things started to chance when he start cheating m with one of the lady we were staying with him at the same yard! The lady claim to be pregnant and things started to change everyday my boyfriend end up beating the lady and police was involved. I was there supporting him through his condition and we decide to move from that rooms were we hiring and find another one! I had a miscarriage because of stress and the vernal abusive words he used to say to me. I was studying n fall pregnant again last year june and my boyfriend used to beat me and I’ve decided to Abort the baby cause of the situation I was in! I did report my Abusive boyfriend to the police station and sign protection order and move out , after 2 weeks he cum and ask forgiveness and I move in with him again, this guy his insane , acting so weird, and got this pride I don’t like! N he nw think I’m a threat to his life he’s working at the bank and his been through my bank account without my permission which is FRAUD, I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself for the things he do to me, I’ve been beating end up with blue eye, beating and end up with miscarrage ! I love this guy but his abusive life its killin me into pieces, I’m confused don’t knw what to do?

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  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    AND… comment was not a judgemental in nature……

    …but rather simply a study at human behavior based upon 45 years of reading as a professional psychic….

    AND, over the years,… I’ve have noticed that in most cases of cheating,…. that people will follow their heart/emotions ( emotions being linked to self control ) all too quickly …..and ignore their conscience/spirit in the process.
    It seems that it is all too easy to follow the heart and justify the cheating,…. than to listen to the conscience/spirit and thus justify why it would be wrong, or at least better to wait until all parties are legally divorced.

    In terms of evolving…..looking at the current divorce rates, I think we are regressing.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I strongly feel that BOTH men AND women are highly evolved enough to know right from wrong……the problem lies with self control issues !!!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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