Talk to Your Animals

Dr. Doolittle isn’t the only one who can speak to the animals; certain psychics can also tap in to what pets are thinking and feeling. The good news is, with a little practice, you too can establish a deeper bond of trust and communicate with your darling.

As many of you animal lovers know, pets display remarkably intelligent feats, sometimes even mimicking human behavior. Case in point: whenever Bobby, my Ragdoll kitty wants to be let outside, he simply flings the chimes that I’ve attached around my doorknob with his paw. I never taught him to do that, he just does.

So is it that far of a stretch to believe that animals can communicate with us and be affected by our energy? More and more pet owners would say “no.”

The famous TV animal-trainer Barbara Woodhouse, for instance, is convinced that telepathy takes place between humans and pets. “I have always been able to understand and read their thoughts. They come on my brain just as if they were speaking my language. It is what we send out to them that matters. It goes out in waves. I feel the waves of love coming back,” she says.

Parapsychologists, meanwhile, have argued that animals telepathically receive information from the thoughts or mood swings of their owners. There have been several reported cases of animal ESP, suggesting that animals are somehow affected by circumstances they could not be aware of by sensory signs.

And just as animals respond to us, experiments have shown that our behavior can be influenced by them. For example, tests with patients suffering from high blood pressure revealed that both systolic and diastolic blood pressure will reduce when a pet is present.

Unequivocally there is bond that exists between humans and their pets. And if you want to better understand your furry friend, here are some tips.

1. Acknowledge that your animal can feel you. Additionally, if you are going through a stressful time, be aware that your pet will sense it.

2. Pay them respect. Take a few minutes every day to talk to your pet. And then listen by quieting the mind, tuning in and remaining open to thoughts.

3. If your pet’s behavior has recently changed, be practical and don’t assume it’s necessarily an emotional thing.

4. Finally, if anything you hear from a psychic or a doctor doesn’t jive with you, check further. Trust yourself.


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