Find Your Pet Soulmate

Being gifted, in one way or another, you come to understand the deep connections we all share to every being on our planet. This connection is very apparent not only to us, but to our furry friends who become part of our families. Pets are a blessing that come into our lives when we most need them and I haven’t spoken to one owner who hasn’t felt some type of “connection” to their four legged child.

Now the question is, “Who chooses who?” I have heard many discussions on this topic and my feeling is that we choose each other. When an animal, or person, is in need of comfort they send out an energy into the universe that seeks to connect with a similar energy pattern. When these two energies meet, they are immediately driven to bring these two souls into physical contact with each other.

I have had this happen to me several times throughout my life, but the bond has been exceptionally strong with two specific furry children. It’s not that I didn’t have a bond with the others, but these two spoke to my heart and soul on a spiritual level. One was my dog Fred, who was a companion from the time I was 14 until I turned 16, which was the period of time that I became aware of my spiritual gifts. Although he was only with me for a short period, Fred was the only one who I felt I could confide in without being judged.  While he was here he made that part of my life so much more bearable and I still feel that he is a part of me now, even though he roams the spirit world.

The second pet is currently still with me and I hope to have her for many more years to come. Ashley, my cat, has been such a blessing to my family and even my friends. When I need comfort I don’t even have to call her and she appears, ready to lay on my chest to purr away the fears. I am grateful to have her to lean on and our deep connection only strengthens my belief that we choose each other.

Embracing these connections and becoming aware of how unique each pet connection is, can only change our lives for the better. The bonds we create are eternal and will be carried over with us into the spirit world. Please honor your pet and the love you share.

15 thoughts on “Find Your Pet Soulmate

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  4. Maureen

    I believed that if I asked for something that I really, really wanted, it would come to me somehow, and I desperately needed a dog in my life. So I would pray for a dog…a big, black German Shepherd. On May 7 six years ago, my roommate called me out to our front patio. A small, fluffy white Pyrenean Shepherd (!) had chased a squirrel to our front door. The dog stuck like glue and would literally NOT leave our side. My roommate had been severely depressed; her father had passed away a month before and I was sincerely worried for her. When Moppe arrived, she made us laugh so hard and gave us so much love. My roommate fell into unconditional love with Moppe and was able to heal. Moppe has been here for six years now and not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for bringing her here. There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for my dog.

  5. Dee-dee

    I do beileve that animals are put into our lives by God, for unconditional love, protection and companionship. I once had a small chichuaua by the name of lucky” he was so use to jumping in the car to go with me that one day after doing a graveyard shift i came in around 3am and while i was getting my stuff out of the car he jumped in at the very moment that i slammed the car door and he was badly hurt as i held my little dog bleeding i pray to Jesus to spare my dog. My dog literally was dying in my arms and all i could do was take him inside to comfort him, my mother wakes up due to my wailings and states the dog will not see morning time, i just cried and prayed for my doggie, at that very moment i knew my dog as small as he was was going to save my life one day, he did make it and had a complete recovery, then one day while out walking with my lucky i heard the voice of God (spirit) tell me to get on top of the canal i was walking on, which i immediately did, not knowing that there was two cyotoes in the grapevine laying in wait for me, i was spared but not my doggie he was carried off by the cyotoes, it took years to get over him, i could not even get another dog for sometime but then i was blessed with the chihuaua i have now name Isaiah, that i love dearly he is my other soulmate…..Thank you pycic Riley you are sooo right…

  6. Kristen

    I do believe that our pets are our soulmates. When I was working for my local humane society, I had no intention of adopting a pet, anything. Then I saw this little scrawny, scared looking black and white ball of fluff. She shied away from alot of people, but not from me. The minute I could adopt her, I did. She’s always there for me, content to be in the same room, if not on my lap, but always relishing in the attention she is given. When I’m upset over something, she usually does something stupid to make me laugh, or comes up and comforts me. It’s like she always knows what I need, and I hope to have her for many more years to come.

  7. Karine

    Thank you for this article.I have felt very close to my animals too, and appreciate knowing more about the spiritual bond.I had one cat in particular that came to us almost by accident.A neighbor’s family member came by at 11:30 pm and had this tiny kitten and an almost empty bag of kitten food.He said his girlfriend wanted the cat but her landlady wouldn’t allow it.
    At that time, my mother was elderly and not well, but when she heard the story, she said(LOL) that’s a good an excuse as any” and she added–fine, we’ll take care of her! Well little Echo was a personality from the start.Even my husband liked her and he doesn’t care for cats that much.:-) She seemed to always think whatever was going on, she wasa part of and never took no for an answer.LOL
    Anyway, my mother died within a year and a half but the kitty was aready my best friend.I tell all these details because I think she was meant to be with us.She perked my Mom up and everybody else.
    She slept with me always,lying sometimes against my side, sometimes right on my back.Her favorite was curled up behind my knees.
    Sadly our home burned down, I could not find her in the black smoke. and my kitty died of smoke inhalation, thank God not of fire itself.
    Everyone had told me she might have survived, but I knew she had not even when I was till in the hospital.
    I was so upset I could’nt stand it and didn’t trust my own spiritual/psychic gifts, so asked an older Seer.I had been so upset thinking the cats thought I abandones them.
    She said my kitty and my mother’s cat who died then also were free and OK.
    She said that animals have a different perspective on death and were already OK with it all and did not blae me or anyone..
    She also told me both cats, but especially mine, came “in” to my energy when I cried.She said my Echo felt it was an honor to be my kitty because I loved her so much.
    So, this information that we both animals and humans find each other makes sense to me.

  8. Janice

    Yes, pets and all animals are our soulmates, our earth companions and planet share-mates. Too bad people still think it’s OK to chop the ends off kittiy’s toes and pay for all sorts of non-elective surgeries that only cause animals pain and agony. Too bad there are vets that still say it’s OK and take the $ for doing it. And they say animals are dumb…

  9. wendyhicks

    i had a dog her name was Cheeseface.she came into my life through my daughter.she was my’shadow’ also my protecter.i let her out like i always did and then i found her .she was gone .i miss her physical body being here but she is still with me in spirit.miss u Cheese!

  10. Janet

    Masie is my” little bundle of loving fur” Beagle dog. She came into our lives 9 years ago as a tiny pup after my husband suffered a stroke. She was his constant companion until his death five years later. One day he never returned to her, he died in the hospital. She was very confused going room to room looking for him. She would give me a look of “OK, what did you do with my friend”? A few days later while doing laundry, I found a undershirt of his that had not been washed. She took that shirt, made a bed of it and lay down on it. She acted as though she understood after that. I now believe that a pet needs to see their companion after death to understand why they are no longer with them. She drag that undershirt around for a very long time. She is very protective of me, and gives me unconditional love. SHE IS MY CONSTANT BUDDY.

  11. VICKY

    I see my behaviour and personally in my cats, its kinda scary as i see myself in them… i feel more drawn to cats than any other animal mostly and horses 2nd. thanks for your well written article

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  13. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Pam-I have had experiences with myself and my clients with spirits and pets. I have no doubt that your Frogy’s spirit is around you. I think Riley did such a nice job on this post.
    Miss Krystal

  14. Pam Weaver

    I feel the same way thank you for that blog i had a cat named frogy and he was only with me for a short period of time and i believe that we were brought together and that he is still with me every day


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