On the Path Toward Balance

Approximately 12 years ago I started to embark on a journey of self-discovery –I wanted to find my purpose in life.

When I studied Kabbalah for a while, I kept hearing how the Tree of Life is all about balance between the elements, or translated into life, the mind, body, spirit, will and heart. This concept made perfect sense, but I saw no way of ever putting it into action. After all, I had always been an extremist, either stuck way in my head over-thinking everything to death, or on a spiritual journey, isolating myself from other people. My heart was either in a state of euphoria, or totally shattered and broken — my will was not all that apparent to me and my body I had never taken care of at all. I rather saw the body as a useless vessel I didn’t want to have a whole lot to do with.

I still don’t know what exactly launched this great transformation that I started about a year and a half ago. All I know is that something “clicked.” It was this great “aha!” moment where suddenly I understood what kept me back, what made me miserable and I stopped blaming others for these issues. I suddenly understood how imbalanced I had been, but most importantly, I knew how to fix it!

Within the past 16 months I have cleaned up my life. I stopped my stories and excuses and I simply did the work. I stopped talking and simply did. My trainer even told me that I am a machine now. This is absolutely right in the sense that I just do. I no longer dissect it all to death, so I can start talking myself out of it, i.e. make an excuse. Sometimes it almost scares me how easy I can now go into the mode of “just do it,” and overwrite what has held me back for the past 10 years!

I am trusting. My heart is healing nicely, the scars start to fade and this is due to altering my behavior. I now focus on the things I have control over, which renders certain arguments useless.

I am exercising my mind by reading, keeping myself informed, asking questions and broadening my horizons again. I surround myself with people who have answers, or good questions. I am searching again for wisdom and truth.

My spirit is soaring these days. I meditate again. I read Tarot again, I am studying to become a Reiki master, I am predominantly surrounded by others who also have dedicated their lives to make the world a better place. I have eliminated people, situations and places that no longer serve me and keep me from becoming my higher self.

I learned that the only way for me to be the best I can be is having balance. A great mind is not all that great when the spirit, heart, and body are broken.

I realized that in order to heal others, I’d first have to heal myself. I am learning balance by no longer looking back to the past and no longer pointing fingers at others. The only finger pointing I do these days is at myself.

I am no longer a victim. I am no longer someone “bad things happen to,” but I am instead an empowered individual, someone who feels loved and worthy of love, someone who can give more freely now, because she no longer pours her energy and love into buckets without a bottom.

I still wander off the right path at times and “default” into wanting to tell someone off, but then I just wonder if it is worth it and what it would alter. I am not perfect or exactly where I want to be. Who knows? Maybe I will never get there, but at least I am on the right path now, I am on the path of balance.

20 thoughts on “On the Path Toward Balance

  1. D

    Jlim, Saphora, BZSM all same person. As soon as uncovered – ascension began. Haha.
    This is takeover of my body.
    I will not be seen for 3 years. Goodbye all.
    I am going to miss my family. My brother.
    Ascension = death…

    Thomas Puetz… He was human “Puetz” until the body became problematic…

    Now I have 20 years of good life to look forward to.
    After suffering 27 years of Hua Ji…

    Please don’t be arrogant to think I’m just of weaker mind. Of shitty attitude.

    I was genuinely being true to love that I realised I found myself willing to be die for love.

    Ha.. Universe… Better world…

    He has no idea…
    I’m going to crash my car fatally while HALFWAY through ascension.

    And this post will unveil truth in 1 person.
    Who will know what happened.

    And my death will remind all ~> evil must never be succumb to…
    Sometimes -> evil will need to be fought against.

    This will be made known.
    And that’ll be enough.

  2. sybil

    Hi Carmen,
    I can relate to your stage in life. I look at life as a road we travel. There are always signs and people to guide us on the right path, if we look deeper within ourselves. There are also those who will lead us on the wrong path. The choice is ours to choose. We will know we have found a balance because it will feel right and good and there will be no resistance.

    Great article.
    Always finding something that comes to me in times of need as if my spirit guides send me the answers to my thoughts.

  3. linda

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  15. Yas

    Carmen, this was a very illuminating article. You can virtually sense the transformation as you continue reading. That ‘click’ experience gives the term “Just Do It” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

  16. balancedesires

    Hi Miss Krystal!
    I love your new picture, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of wisdom when we spoke last year & for the head’s up about this transition! Hugs!

  17. balancedesires

    Hi Carmen!
    I can relate to you, the lovely Miss Krystal informed me last year that I would going through a transition. I was always buried in there & had forgotten who I really was. The key phrase within your article that struck me was: “I have eliminated people, situations and places that no longer serve me and keep me from becoming my higher self.” This is the path I am on now, just a small obstacle to overcome by my choice & free will. Blessings on your journey! 🙂

  18. seha

    This is a wonderful experiance you shared.
    It is written in a very human way by someone who truly is on the path of discovery and balance of spiritual self and human self.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Seha 9668


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