Psychic Workout: Remote Viewing

Bradley writes:

I often misplace items, and weeks can pass until the lost item is discovered, or in some cases, I never find it again. Most recently, I misplaced my college anatomy textbook. Is there a psychic tip you can offer for locating this pricey book?

Dear Bradley,

Locating missing objects remotely by using psychic abilities is a specialized skill. I understand you want to develop this ability yourself, and this exercise reveals trade secrets that psychics perfect to locate lost objects. Do you remember a popular childhood ‘hot-and-cold’ game? Well, there’s a similar approach here.

Steps to locate a missing object:

1. Ground yourself
2. Ground the lost object
3. Psychically cording yourself to the object
4. Pulling yourself toward the object

Being ungrounded happens when you are out of balance on the first chakra. Your energy field has two openings — your first chakra (root) and seventh chakra (crown). Your root chakra connects you to earth energy, while your crown chakra links you to universal energy. When blocked, you can’t access the earth’s support, and spiritual awareness can’t flow freely. So, to clear your energy field, begin by visualizing yourself grounded to the earth. Send energetic roots into the earth and imagine that they are a glowing orange light of inspiration for locating the object. Visualize the book. Surround yourself with positive energy and a feeling of happiness that you are — and will — locate your missing textbook.

Next, ground the object to you with the same color. Imagine your textbook is floating in the air. Visualize the spine, pages, and cover of your textbook. Form a connection with this item. Surround your textbook with the same orange aura, and pull the orange light towards you until the energetic cords connect. (Hint: think The Matrix — plug your energy into the book.)

Begin mentally wandering around the most obvious places where you could have left your book — in the car, your room, or your friend’s apartment. Immediately turn your attention to the ‘hot’ location where your energetic orange cord is pulling you. While drifting from place to place, pay attention if you are instantly redirected, or another location interrupts your navigation. For instance, perhaps you tossed a shirt on top of the book and your energetic cord senses the obstruction — which is the shirt itself. You might be guided to tidy up your room. You just might find the book in the process.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find it immediately. Stay positive, maintain the connection, and recharge the energetic cord between you and the textbook. It may take a few days until the magnetism in the cord reunites you with the missing textbook. With practice, you will find that objects reemerge much sooner.

Spirit Guides and deities can join to assist and direct you while performing this exercise. The patron saint associated with the return of lost articles and missing persons is Saint Anthony of Padua. Call upon him with this simple prayer:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony,
Please come down,
Something is lost,
And can’t be found.



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