Confessions of a Pet Psychic

I have been reading pets for more than ten years, and love to help people who have issues surrounding their pets. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been able to read animals – and of course I brought strays home constantly, trying to convince my parents we needed to save them. This did not always work, but I did what I could.

The need to understand dogs on a psychological level led me to find a trainer who trained canines – or, as most people know them, service dogs and police “search and rescue” animals. I studied for two years learning the behavior and thought processes of “K9s.”

I now realize why dogs don’t understand humans as much as we would like: dogs think differently from humans. They live in the moment – and don’t worry about what happened in the past, or obsess about the future. Also, K9s think a little differently from regular pets. A pet is just happy to have a home, laze around the house and eat, play with their owners – and of course sleep. The difference is that K9s truly need a job and have a life purpose in a way that is more similar to humans.

The difference between a pet and a K9 is basically their prey drive, which leads back to their primitive DNA. I find that most people who have uncontrollable dogs are living with creatures that truly have a high prey drive – and just want a job to do, no matter how small. In essence, they need a sense of purpose. When I get a call from a person who is frustrated that their dog will not listen or obey, I find that the owner does not understand the energy of their animal. I then do what most people refer to as the “Dog Whisperer” process. This is the process wherein I teach the owner how the dog thinks – so they can become one with the energy of their pet.

Dogs have a natural order in a pack – even at home. Someone has to be an Alpha, or a Pack Leader. This role needs to be filled by the person in any domestic situation. The rest of the family then follows the progression downward. The dog must be at the bottom – so that no one is hurt, and the dog listens to everyone in the family. If we do not have this order in place, we do not have a happy dog or family.

I hope this gives you more insight! If you have any issues you would like to address regarding your lovely pet, please feel free to comment. I will answer all your questions, so we can all have happy, friendly homes. I look forward to it.

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