Antelope: Heart Chakra

In ancient Tantric texts, an exquisite galloping antelope adorns the mandala of the Anahata chakra. It is said that this shy, fleeting and graceful animal symbolizes spiritual experiences that move quickly, vanishing before the eye can grasp them. At this level of consciousness, one is motivated by compassion, empathy and devotion to goals that go beyond self-aggrandizement.

The Antelope or Gazelle represents a transformation of the original power. Shy, slippery and very light-footed, it also bears resemblance to the ram, though it is neither sacrificial (which the ram is) nor as domesticated. A non-aggressive beast, the antelope seems light as air, moving with great leaps and barely touching the earth. Some African gazelles can even jump six to ten meters, like they have wings — an animal of the earth but seemingly released from gravity.

Antelopes perfectly symbolize the power and lightness of the psychic substance: thought and feeling. In addition, they bear striking similarities to the unicorn, a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

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