A Healthy Holiday

From excessive celebration to sleep deprivation, the holidays can take their toll on your body. But you don't have to be resigned to starting the New Year with a winter cold and five extra pounds. Follow ... read more

Resolution Rehab

Remember those resolutions you made in the hangover haze of New Year's champagne? If you haven't forgotten what you vowed to accomplish, it's not too late to kick-start your plan. You'll feel better about ... read more

Cold Weather, Hot Nights

It's getting cold outside.  The holiday shopping crowds have gone from festive to offensive, and if you never hear "The Christmas Song" again it'll be too soon.  Alas, it looks like a long winter ... read more

Your Loved One’s Family

When you forge a partnership, your priorities change. No matter how much you love your parents, they naturally begin to take second place to your partner. You focus your time and energy on the relationship ... read more


Acupuncture, which comes from the Latin words acus meaning needle and pungere meaning prick, is better known as needle therapy. Yup, that's right... needles! I know, many of you recoil at ... read more
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