Past Loves: For Better or Worse!

Can I reconnect with an old lover? is one of the most commonly asked questions during a reading with our California Psychics. So we asked our intuitive team what they see in a reading when the possibilities are good… as well as when there’s not a chance on earth two people will ever be reunited.

Learn what they actually “see” that makes it clear that a reunion isn’t in the cards, even when a client insists that all they want in the world is to be back in their former lover’s arms.

Loving reunions
Some couples do get back together for good and sometimes just for moments in time. Psychics can often see the specifics of what the future does or does not hold for you and your ex.

“Just as two people in a relationship have different natal charts that are unique,” tells Mystic ext. 9213,” the relationship also has its own chart and reason for being. Sometimes instead of working through issues, the couple lets the relationship fall apart. I call that love which falls asleep. In this case, if both parties realize they cannot live without each other and they wish to work on the issues it can work. With the Tarot I can see a relationship gone bad and whether or not true love exists. Using tools and spiritual insight, a psychic can see the true dynamic of the relationship.”

“Sometimes you are drawn magnetically to each other and you are back in the relationship in a romantic way – you just can’t fight it – whether it’s good or bad for you,” says Serafina ext. 9407. “Sometimes I feel that a former lover will be back in the client’s life, but way down the road. For example, an old flame of mine keeps showing up in the same places I am, at the same time. We have no romantic connection, but I feel we still share a strong soulful link. We may hook up in the future, but not now. There is a spiritual link that keeps us in view until it’s time to reconnect.”

“Sometimes you have a situation known as right-person-wrong-time“, says Laura ext. 9555 , “where the timing is off for the two of you to be together. There are experiences that a soul needs in order to become more enlightened before you can get back together, and this is why one or both parties may have to separate. Their souls may need to work off some karma, among other experiences, to grow and develop and become ready to meet again.”

“If I see a reconnection of lovers as successful, I see it as a pure connection with things moving in a very contented way,” explains Ami ext. 9522 . “Sometimes I see the reconnection working if one party does something specific like gets counseling or learns to relax. But when I see darkness around the couple, I can tell the relationship will be more of the same or worse. In those cases, I see an end and how long the reunion will last.”

Can’t stop those loving feelings
When our psychics don’t see a reunion with a former lover happening, they will tell you what they see… so you don’t waste your precious time pining over a love who’s gone for good.

“As an advisor, when a person is clearly addicted or obsessed with a past partner who is clearly not the one,” tells Mystic, “it is our work to guide them gently to the difference between truth and denial. Sometimes, it is just a matter of a client being willing to go through the mourning process of the loss of this particular love. So many clients refuse to do this, that it’s clear to me that the pain of lost love must be close to unbearable. But when the mourning is done properly they will heal and be able to move on.”

“When people insist that they must get back together and I don’t see it happening I tell them the truth,” reveals Laura. “I tell them that it won’t be happening now or in the near future. I try and get them to focus on new experiences to help them get out of their stuck and rigid mindset.”

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