You Didn’t Listen to Your Psychic

Something in life is plaguing your mind, and the time has come to try and make sense of it. Or, to see what your future holds. You catch yourself holding your breath for a second or two as the psychic on the other end of the line makes the initial introduction. You do a quick self-check: Are you mentally prepared for the information you are about to receive? The answer is yes, or you wouldn’t have called, right? You take a deep breath and try to relax, allowing the psychic to tap into your energy, your life, your destiny.

The reading
You have your list of questions in front of you with pen in hand. You ask your first question and the information begins to flow. Using your own method of shorthand, you jot down a few notes. Some key information is written down, but the file cabinet in your mind is where most of what you learn will be stored.

Sometimes you can get all of the questions you had prepared answered. Sometimes the reading takes on a life of its own and you have answers to questions you hadn’t prepared to ask. Either way, you now have more information to work with in regard to your life.

Knowledge is power
Even though you have a lot to think about, you now have more insight into your life. Many of the dots have been connected, and you are armed with information about how your future will unfold. Whether or not your reading revealed that things were going to be simple or complicated, fun or torture – you see things differently now. One way or the other, it’s all going to be okay. It is your life, and you are taking back control.

Some of the predictions made are already coming true, so you feel even more confident about your path and plan. It’s all coming together. You’ve avoided a couple of pitfalls, and you know how you will turn some negatives into positives. You have the edge.

Epiphanies happen
Maybe you were thinking too much, or maybe you weren’t thinking at all. It could be that a situation or circumstance came into play, and you had to make a decision. Maybe your ex called and, instead of ignoring the call as your psychic suggested by saying “Put the past behind you”, you agreed to meet up for coffee. Then wham! You are back to square one emotionally when you figure out all he wanted was a little afternoon delight. And then the big realization hits you: You didn’t listen to your psychic.

Free will and determinism
Life, from beginning to end, is a series of actions and reactions. With each passing moment, you are making choices that start to direct and form what happens in the next moment to come. With every choice you make, you are exercising your free will. Everything you do or don’t do is blessed (or tainted!) by someone’s free will; yours or that of another’s.

Your life path
Each and every one of us has a life path, a general map of who we are and what we should be doing. We can choose to follow that path or plan, or we can whip out a machete and blaze a new trail. Deviating from a path doesn’t negate your destiny – it only alters how it will evolve.

When you have that epiphany, that moment when you realize you didn’t listen to your psychic, take a minute, and think about why. There may be a very good reason. Yes, that single act can change the outcome of the reading but your life path is still your own. While a psychic reading can help you navigate your way, help you to understand the path you are on and maybe avoid a few pitfalls, you are still the one in control.

Happy endings
Sometimes the path is smooth, and it is easier to feel confident about your journey. Other times the path is rocky and murky, and it feels like you’ve fallen off track.Through it all, you are navigating your way the best you can. Truly, that is all any of us can do.

Situations and circumstances change, predictions come to pass or fall short. Through it all, life is simply what you make it. As long as there is breath in your body, and your heart continues to beat, you are on your chosen path.

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