Secrets and Lies Revealed

“Your belief is not required for absolute truth to be absolute,” says Sybil Ann ext. 9543. In other words, just because you strongly think something is a certain way, it doesn’t mean that you are right. The psychic, who combines clairvoyance, aura reading, the Tarot, and the help of her spirit guides in her readings, proved this point to Roger (not his real name), a stubborn 58-year-old corporate lawyer from Washington D.C.

He contacted Sybil Ann for a general reading and boldly asked her to tell him things that he needed to know. “In other words, he wanted me to be a magician and show him my tricks,” recalls Sybil Ann.

As she tapped into her client, she could sense that he had a large ego with a very closed off view of the world to match. He was the type of man who resisted the truth with every fiber of his being. He was doubtful by nature and Sybil Ann knew she was going to have to build a case for herself.

“I revealed to him that he was on his third marriage – as well as his third batch of kids. And that his current wife, who is materialistic, had already cheated on him once.” Roger was flabbergasted.

“Oh my God. How did you know that?” he stated. “I am a psychic, remember,” she retorted. He laughed, which helped break the ice. His wife had indeed cheated on him and since Sybil Ann had broached the topic, he now wanted to know if she would give him some tips on how he could “control” his bride.

“I told him I was not going to help him control anyone. Instead, she suggested he ease off his wife and send her love rather than trying to overpower her. A month later, Roger called her back. He was delighted! Things were going smoothly with his wife. Now, he wanted more advice and before long he was calling her every week to ask her about every person he knew in his life.

“Roger had major trust issues. Why? Because he was not a truthful man and could not be trusted either,” Sybil Ann remarked. During his tenth call, Roger began talking about his business and eventually asked her about his second law firm, which he operated out of the Bahamas. Business seemed to be going well, but he couldn’t figure out why he always broke even. Something didn’t compute. Sybil Ann immediately saw two sets of books. His partner in the Caribbean was stealing from him and he’d been doing so for more than a decade. But when she shared this juicy morsel of information Roger was upset.

“Listen, I trust you, but you’ve missed the mark. This guy has been my friend for 25 years and we’ve been doing business together for 15 years. You’re wrong!” he insisted. But Sybil Ann held strong to her insight. She suggested that he hire a forensics accountant and look for the money off shore. Roger refused.

Three days later, however, he called her back. Despite his doubts, he’d hired a forensics accountant. But he came up empty handed. Sybil Ann informed him that the money wasn’t hidden under his partner’s name. He was storing it under his late aunt’s name. This sparked interest in Roger since he knew his partner had an aunt that he loved dearly. He agreed to check again. And when he did, he found half a million dollars!

Roger was blown away. Because of Sybil Ann, he was able to confront his so-called partner, who gave him back the money. And then, of course, Roger called the authorities and had him arrested.

Roger apologized profusely. He admitted that he had an inkling that his partner was cheating, but he’d buried it deep inside a long time ago. Pride had blinded him. Sybil Ann had humbled him.

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