Get Your Way, Finally

Here’s How to Get Your Way

Do you constantly feel as though your needs, dreams and ideas get pushed aside like they don’t matter as much as the next person’s? This feeling may happen in the workplace when discussing the next marketing strategy or advertising plan, it could happen in your relationship when discussing future plans or it could happen when discussing parenting tactics or travel plans with your husband, wife or partner.

Whatever the issue is, you are left feeling as though your wishes and ideas do not have value. But there is a way to pull yourself and your dreams out from under the rug and make them come true. Use these 5 tips to get your way, finally:

Communicate Your Needs in a Healthy Manner

Many of us suppress our feelings and we unselfishly put our needs aside for someone else’s needs. What about you? Isn’t it time you got something you wanted, did something you wanted to do or traveled somewhere you have always dreamed of? Sometimes it is just a matter of saying what you want out loud. Try telling your boss, spouse, friend or family member what you want or want to do. You may be surprised by how willing they are to give you want you want. Why suppress your feelings when expressing them could mean you’ll get your way?

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Stand Up for Yourself

Realize that your feelings, needs and wants matter. The next time someone tries to brush you ideas aside, stop them in their tracks. Make it known that you want to be heard and you want your thoughts and ideas to be considered on an equal level to everyone else’s. If you show others your ideas and thoughts matter, they will be more inclined to agree with you and you’ll get your way.

Take Turns!

If you want to get your way sometimes because your significant other, son, daughter, sister, friend or colleague always gets their way, set some rules and compromise. Why not take turns? One person chooses this Friday night’s activity and you get to choose the next. Usually this is the easiest way to get your way. The art of compromising goes a long way.

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Be a Little Sneaky

Okay, so this isn’t really the most honest approach to get your way but it usually works 95% of the time. Allow the other person to make plans for a week. Don’t utter a peep about it. Just smile and nod. After you’ve done everything they wanted to do for a week, tell them that it’s your turn to make plans for the next week. How can they object when they’ve gotten to do exactly what they wanted for an entire week?  Now it’s your turn to get your way for a week!

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Some people are afraid to ask for what they want. Don’t be someone who gets pushed around and forced to do things you don’t want to do. You will get your way eventually if you demand it. But don’t be one of those overly pushy bullies. Don’t demand a family picnic or a glass or orange juice! Just make demands when it comes to things you think are important. When you make demands you will get your way.

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