Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 22 – 28, 2013

Full Houses, a Full Moon and Your Money

Many of the astrological houses are money-related, so it’s always good to know what’s happening day to day and week to week. Day one of this weekly money horoscope is packed with no less than three important events: the Sun enters Leo (Happy Birthday, Leos!), the first of two successive Full Moons in Aquarius and Venus enters Virgo. Later in the week, there’s a Mars-Pluto opposition on the same day as the Sun squares karmic Saturn and you could be concerned about some financial obligations. Don’t be stubborn if someone offers you some sound money advice because it never hurts to listen.


As Venus enters Virgo and your house of daily work you’ll dive into a project you love. That’s going to keep you occupied and prevent boredom which could lead to breaking the budget.


Networking and socializing may pay off financially by way of meeting someone who can advance your career to the next step and your wallet too. Entertain the possibilities.


Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn all favor your money and career houses. If you’re not getting paid yet, you are getting noticed and you will be rewarded soon enough. You find great deals on Sunday if you’re looking.

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The first of two Aquarius Full Moons reminds you how easily money can come in and go out, even with a budget or plan. Do your best to save what comes in and avoid a tempting splurge.


Among the many favorable planetary alignments in your money horoscope this week, it’s Venus that brings some financial gains your way. A gift, a perk, a bargain—anything is possible.


You’re no stranger to hard work in exchange for financial recognition. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings you both and Venus in your sign just makes it more satisfying.

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You’ll see an increase in plans and not just yours. Family-related expenses as well as other unexpected expenses may put a demand on your money horoscope. Now that you know, plan ahead.


There may be a few home-related or auto-related repairs that require your time, money and patience. If you don’t have time or tools to do it yourself, hiring someone may be cheaper.


Venus moves into your career sector and that’s always a welcomed change that could add up to more change in your pocket. Think positive and make smart choices with money.


The Full Moon in Aquarius shines a light on your finances. You’re either doing better than you thought or you’ll find a need to tighten the budget–either way you’ll save more.

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Your money horoscope still has lots going on involving work-related issues. The Full Moon in your sign reminds you to keep your eye on the prize–a bigger paycheck at month’s end.


You benefit this week from the special alignment of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune (all in water signs) which gives you reason to celebrate. Money could come from literally anywhere.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekly Money Horoscope for July 22 – 28, 2013

  1. seija

    please help me, i used to have access to astrol clock where i could look up were the planets and in what houses there in at any given time. some how i’ve lost the connection. how can i get this info again? I had a real good one! what happen? why is it difficult to have this info? please help me to retrieve it. thank you…..I believe it’s out there, just need some help.

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    dear LJ,
    you have been right on the money 🙂 pun intended.
    thank you for your insight and wisdom.

  3. t-bird

    I’m Leo with Pisces rising, and my love interest is Libra with moon in Pisces. Could this prediction for Pisces affect us at all? (Hopefully!)


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