What Makes Men Laugh and Why You Should Notice

Many people say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, an easier way to make him laugh! There are many types of humor and different places and time for such jokes. Let’s jump in and see the different ways we can win a man over.

What Makes for a Funny Joke?

Much research has been done on human laughter. This is one of the fundamental things that men and women all have in common with each other, like the drive to eat, drink, and have sex. Laughter seeds itself in our psyche around three to four months of life, when we instinctively use it to bond with our parents. As we get older, we continue to laugh as a social signal of acceptance, play, and conformity.

Men and women do have differences when it comes to laughter. One of the easiest to spot, or I should rather say, hear, is by the sounds we make. Jo-Anne Bachorowski listened to 97 volunteers laugh, and at the conclusion of that research, she reported that women produced song-like laughter, while men just mostly grunt and snort. There are also many different reasons why men laugh, many of them in contrast to women. Let’s look at each of these in detail. If you would like more personalized help on making the guy in your life laugh contact a psychic today!

“Your mamma’s so fat…”

There is a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at them. Men compete with each other in friendly (and not so friendly) jive sessions, where they try to outdo each other with their witty and sometimes insulting comments. This is usually directed at one guy at a time, and is used as a means to leverage more power within a group. Men (school boys) have also been known to use this kind of teasing as a means to bully other guys to either conform or be rejected. This behavior is squashed somewhat when men are in the presence of women. However, what’s most surprising is that teasing at the expense of other men becomes more frequent with women speakers when they are thrown into a mixed group of people.

To Connect With an Audience

Male speakers use laughter as a means to build a relationship with the audience. A speaker will traditionally laugh nearly 50 percent more than his listeners. However, he will never allow this to get in the way of his message. Each jovial burst is carefully inserted as a punctuation mark between each important point.

“Hi Bill, ha ha ha…”

Researchers have scoured the malls watching people relate to each other, and they have made a fascinating discovery. People do not giggle at each other’s jokes or snappy comments nearly as often as they laugh while greeting or saying good-bye. Eighty percent of the laughter you share, is while making a mundane observation about what a friend is wearing, or inquiring how their day is going.

Laughing for the Hell of It

An ugly comic’s worst nightmare is an audience filled with nothing but women. Studies show that women are much more discerning with their jokes. Men will laugh at any old joke to show that they are jolly and fun. Women, on the other hand, knows a dumb joke when they hear it, and won’t laugh unless the comic happens to be male and rather attractive.

Contagious Laughter

It is easy to get a man to laugh. All you have to do is start laughing, and research shows that he will eventually just join in. Think of the grunt and squeal of another individual as having the power of the Bat signal. It draws our attention from wherever we are. Our limbic system, the part of the brain that supports our behavior, emotion and motivation is particularly keyed to the sound of laughter, and will automatically respond by encouraging us to holler and hoot right along with a group. We may not know what is funny, but it feels great to be a part of laughter.

“The act of clearing my mind to find peace and relaxation is part of my daily life.” – Mimi ext. 5522

Guys Like Hostile and Dirty Jokes

It is no secret that men prefer dirty jokes more than women, who prefer to hear about the peculiar stories (antics) involving animals and people. Men also prefer slapstick comedy that has a slightly hostile undertone (i.e. the Three Stooges). There is just something funny about three guys slapping the tar out of each other, and researchers think that they may have a clue as to why. Peter McGraw of the University of Colorado, Boulder, has studied crude humor, and has laid out the criteria of what makes a dirty joke laughable:

1. The joke must break the boundaries of some kind of social or moral norm. This may include having sex with a dead chicken, which is an example given by McGraw.

2. Despite having broken an important social norm (bestiality), the act must also be seen as relatively harmless. Hence, the chicken was already dead, so what does she care. As long as nobody is really getting hurt, acting in a crazy or unconventional way is hilarious to men.

What do you think—what makes something funny to you?

“Smile from your heart, it is contagious.” – Claire ext. 5242

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  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gin Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Marc from UK 100%……whenever I’m sad , I’ll watch a funny movie, always picks me up.

    You have to have a sense of humor about life….sure does make it easier to get thru the day.

  5. Marc from the UK

    I never go a day without having a laugh, I am not the best comic, but I do love to get people laughing and up beat even for a short while 🙂
    I always try to watch something funny if I am feeling down or with drawn, and the best bit is? When on your travels or just walking along, SMILE it’s contagious! people will smile back !


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