How to Clear Negativity

Get Rid of Bad Vibes

I am convinced that we are aware of maybe 5 to 10 percent of our thoughts. The rest is hidden within our subconscious mind, out of our awareness. Yet it is my observation and my experience that all of our thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, determine our perceptions of life. Through these thoughts and beliefs we attract people and situations into our lives constantly. Most of us just don’t realize or understand that everything we experience is directly related to our programming from life from the time we are born and even before that… from past lives.

I’ve noticed that we often get upset by the various unwanted people and circumstances that come our way, but truthfully, if it weren’t for our thoughts and beliefs that dangle in our subconscious we would easily be able to lead happy and fulfilling lives, full of loving exchanges between ourselves and others. After all, our deeper nature is that of love.

I’ve been relieved to know that our subconscious minds can be cleared of negative programming. We can release our fears and doubts by getting in touch with our true self—that which is love to our core.

The subconscious mind records and stores everything. Our feelings, thoughts, events, traumas, decisions and experiences of our entire life—as well as our past lives are all imprinted on our subconscious minds. However, we may not be able to keep a conscious memory of it all. These deep places, within our subconscious, have been making decisions based on our experiences and our perceptions since the beginning. For example: “Life isn’t safe.” “No one really cares.” “There is no love here.” “I am not lovable.” The good news is we can change those programmed thoughts. That is why I am a proponent of replacing those negative thoughts with positive life affirming thoughts. “Life is safe.” “I am worthy of unconditional love.” “I am loved.” “People care about me.”

To clear that subconscious negativity, it is imperative that we get down to the truth about what we are thinking and feeling. Our feelings are our manifestations of our beliefs which attract circumstances that we may or may not want. By telling the truth about our feelings, and allowing ourselves to feel them deeply… well, that is the road to true healing.

If we are not willing to do so, then we remain stuck and we feel like a victim of life. And, as a victim, we feel powerless to make the necessary changes to a happy, more fulfilling life.

Conversely, if we are willing to look within and be truthful, without blaming others around us, we take the power back over our own life. This will bring more satisfaction, peace, and love.

We can either succumb to our ego and “be right” about how bad it is for us, and how little love there is in the world, or we can roll up our sleeves and start looking at what’s going on inside that may be the cause of distress in our lives. By taking responsibility for all that we experience and understanding that we are the co-creator of the movies of our lives, we are on the road to making the necessary changes—within—that will allow us to create more love in our hearts and more fulfilling relationships.

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4 thoughts on “How to Clear Negativity

  1. marialaloca77M.H.

    My most regrets are not speaking up and procastinating the tools given before me to make things right. To be ready for anything heading my way, to blend in & weed out the Vibes I dont agree with or belong to. Curiousity got the best of me & getting caught up trying to satisfy everybody before myself. To go against my gutt feeling. Loosing the path to reasoning. But guess what, Realizing its all my fault for letting things get so out of control. To control it now is another battle ahead long over due!

  2. Nehla Zikria

    Lately, I have attracted quite a few negative people. And I am very tired in helping
    people with their depression. I helped my alcoholic piano teacher in the last months of
    his life by bringing him food and cleaning his house. And then after he passed away a
    lady came into my life who is from England, and she has taken much of my time. I have
    to deal with her panic attacks and sometimes rage. I can not deal with so much negativity.
    I am keeping my distance from this friend. What should I do?


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