What is Your Inner Voice Saying?

Are You Listening?

We know that our inner voice is wise, and we want to hear it. But tuning into it can be challenging if you’re unaware of the channels it comes through and the symbols its language uses. With a little bit of knowledge, though, you can learn how to tune into your inner guidance as easily as you tune into a radio or TV station.

Have you ever gotten “butterflies” in your tummy or felt a knot in your stomach?

Those queasy or tight feelings in your gut are your “inner voice” warnings that you are in potential danger. The reason you sometimes hear people refer to intuition as a “gut feeling” is because your stomach and intestines have a hundred million neurons (nerve cells) that send signals to your brain, where your bodily feelings can be processed into thoughts. In other words, you feel nervous or tense in your muscles before you think the thought, “I’m nervous.” Primitive humans listened to their gut feelings all the time, because it helped them survive. Today, we tend to talk ourselves out of the messages we receive from our body’s natural warning system.

“More often than not, gut-wrenching situations can be avoided by gut-checking first,” explains Psychic Daphne ext. 5417. “The more we listen to our bodies—the wisdom within—the more we will make choices that lead us in the direction we want our lives to go.”

Adds Psychic Larkin ext. 5707: “Trusting our gut is the true transformation of our lives.”

For one week, keep a diary of your daily gut feelings. Note the situation you were in when you felt them and what message they might have been trying to communicate. Then note what happened when you acted on them and what happened when you didn’t act. This exercise will raise your awareness and make it easier in the future to hear your inner guidance.

Have you ever heard a sudden phrase of words popping into your mind?

In the movie “Field of Dreams,” Kevin Costner’s character was farming in his fields when he heard a voice whisper, “If you build it, he will come.” As the story progresses, we see Costner’s character act on instructions from “the voice,” regardless of how foolish they seemed. His trust in the voice leads him on a life-changing adventure.

Your inner voice, too, will sometimes come “out of left field.” When you’re driving, you might hear something like, “Turn left.” If you ask yourself why you should turn left, or if you ignore the intuitive thought altogether, you will miss out on something that your higher self wanted you to know. Perhaps driving in a different direction will help you avoid an accident.

Have you ever experienced an extraordinary coincidence?

One day a screenwriter was contemplating two different story ideas to develop. He wondered which one would be more attractive to a film producer and, thus, the story he should start working on first. The following day he took a walk in a park, where he noticed someone coming toward him wearing a t-shirt with words on it. Incredibly, the words on the shirt were the same as the title of one of the stories he was considering writing. Because it wasn’t a common phrase that would typically show up on a t-shirt, he viewed that coincidence as a message directed at him.

Although meaningful coincidences, also known as “synchronicity,” aren’t direct messages coming from your body or mind, they are nonetheless messages sent on a consciousness level outside of the ordinary and can serve the same type of purposes that your inner voice does. All you have to do is press that symbolic green button in your awareness to take the call.

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