Lucid Dreaming for Prosperity

Discover answers through lucid dreams. Make deeper contact with your subconscious. Learn the meaning of dream symbols and be patient.

Team Up With Your Subconscious!

“To sleep, perchance to dream.” No offense to the honored William Shakespeare, but let’s revise that to say “To sleep, perchance to spark great ideas, solve difficult problems, and find peace of mind.”

There are many amazing stories of those who’ve discovered answers through dreams. A famous example is the composition of “Kubla Khan,” which poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said arrived to him in a dream. Einstein is said to have used lucid dreaming techniques that helped him discover the theory of relativity. And today, filmmaker James Cameron and author Stephen King use information from their dreams to create the stories that have gripped the popular imagination of millions.

Try it out for yourself. Before bedtime, have a pad and pen handy. It helps if they’re on an uncluttered surface near your bed, so you don’t have to fumble around to reach them when you wake up. Take a few minutes to meditate on the question at hand. Mentally (or out loud, whatever works for you!) ask your subconscious self to show you a resolution to your issue through your dreams. You can also ask for divine assistance in the effort. If you work with guides, angels, or your higher self, ask them to assist this process, and be sure to thank them for their support. Also, set the intention that you will remember the message upon waking long enough to write it down! Ask a psychic about your dreams today!

Here are a few more tips to make deeper contact with your subconscious:

• Become a lucid dreamer. This means that you’re aware that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. As an active participant in the dream, you can ask questions, or pursue interesting events further. One way to become lucid is to look at an object in the dream, then look away, then look back at it. If the object has changed in an unnatural way, you will realize that you’re dreaming, and this awareness will free you to start consciously engaging with the dream. There are many great books and websites that further explore lucid dreaming methods.

• Learn the meaning of symbols. Knowing symbolic meanings of colors, animals, and objects can help you better understand your dream’s messages. Although your own intuition and experience can provide you with your own interpretation of symbols, it’s good to begin with widely accepted symbolic meanings. You can learn about popular symbols through a variety of resources. The works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell reveal many universal unconscious symbolic meanings. Also, try talking with one of our psychics. Their depth of experience in interpreting symbolic messages can help you understand the symbols that you’re seeing in your dreams.

• Be patient. If you don’t immediately get the results you’re expecting, don’t get discouraged. It can take a little time to get used to working with your dreams. Try to solve a problem through this exercise not just in one night, but for a period of time; for instance set aside 3 days, or one week. The more you set the conscious intention to receive and understand the messages in your dreams, the easier it will become to navigate your own dreamscape.

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One thought on “Lucid Dreaming for Prosperity

  1. maria trujilllo

    DREAMS!!! maybe i get di idea of sum but im haing the same dreams bck when i was a child and it scres me because idk i want to know wat it means or what they r trying totell me.. its all evil and they have touched me , and thay speak to me in the dreams and its idk i cant even explain.. but if u happened to have these kind of uglyiest scariest dreams pleas eadvice me wit somethijg


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