30 Ways to Be Free From Anger

More Happy, Less Angry

It is natural to be angry, but it is unnatural to let anger consume you and ruin your day, week, month or year. Stopping and even preventing your anger from taking over may seem impossible, but it is easier than you think. Try any of the following tips to help you suppress your anger and increase your happiness:

1. Write a memoir or keep a journal to unload your feelings in a calm way.

2. Go for a walk, jog or run. If it’s the weekend, go ice-skating or roller-skating.

3. Do yoga or meditate. Try Bikram yoga if you feel like being bold.

4. Volunteer for a good cause.

5. Go back to school. Earn a degree that will fulfill you long-term.

6. Disconnect from people who make you angry.

7. Hit the gym to release that aggression or consider buying a punching bag.

8. Make a list of all the reasons you have to be happy!

9. Take a nap. Sometimes sleep deprivation is what causes our outbursts.

10. Imagine an invisible shield that protects you from anything that is upsetting.

11. Squeeze a stress ball, knit a scarf or do some other relaxing, physical action.

12. Burn something that symbolizes what you are mad about.

13. Travel. Get some distance from your frustrations.

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14. Go to a therapist or a support group. You are not alone!

15. Read about anger’s negative health results and vow to stop hurting yourself.

16. Read a book or attend a seminar about dealing with anger.

17. Figure out the root of your anger and address that situation first.

18. Write a poem, story or song about what angers you.

19. Write a detailed letter to the person who makes you angry.

20. Make an “Anger Jar” and put a dollar in it when your anger explodes.

21. Play a board game.

22. Do not sit and stew.

23. Cuddle with your pet. Enjoy their unconditional love.

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24. Take up a sport that lets you get out all your aggression.

25. Think rationally. Is it really worth getting mad about?

26. Channel your anger into art. Start drawing, painting or sketching.

27. Life is too short. Do not get mad in the first place. Learn to let things slide.

28. Put the situation into perspective. Try to move on if you can.

29. Fix whatever is bothering you and prevent situations that will enrage you.

30. Laugh! Listen to a joke or watch some comedy to lighten your mood.

Anger is not productive or worth your valuable time. Do whatever you can to not only free yourself from anger, but also to be a better and happier you.

I tend to suffer from anger brought on by resentment, jealousy and stress. I also know that these emotions come from excess work and contact with exes (mine and my mate’s). Accordingly, the first step in corralling one’s anger is to pinpoint the source of one’s fury. When I recognize the root of my anger, it is much easier to figure out the best next steps.

Personally, I deal with my anger by writing poetry, reading about anger and focusing my energy on being good to the people I love. The things I would also like to explore next are seeing a therapist and picking up a new hobby or sport. Ultimately, I learned that anger hurts you the most and not the people who infuriate you! In fact, they are winning by having such power over you. Thus, the best thing you can do is “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

3 thoughts on “30 Ways to Be Free From Anger

  1. Jane

    When the anger is coming from a cheating husband whom you are not ready to divorce is very frustrating just thinking how to deal with that with the 30 ways.

  2. Jane

    why if the person making you angry is your husband and your not ready for divorce. Everyday you wake up to see him and think he is seeing another woman whom he truly loves and not you and that the only reason he is with you is the son both of you have together.

  3. HELEN



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