Why Men Cheat

Why Do Men Cheat? It’s Not Why You Think!

While infidelity issues creep into many relationships, the reasons behind the cheating differ from person to person. And when it comes to men’s motivations, they are not necessarily predictable and some may even come as a complete surprise to you. Read on to glimpse a few of those now.

Feeling Validated

With all of the challenges and problems long-term relationships can bring, it’s easy for each partner to feel underappreciated, especially if you begin to take one another’s strengths for granted. Men may stray if they feel their mates disrespect them and the efforts they do put into the relationship, not to mention the contributions they make to the household and their careers.

Damaged Goods

It’s not what happens to a person that ultimately damages them, but how they react to the ensuing trauma that determines the extent of their issues. If a man has had a bad relationship experience in the past, or even a bad relationship with his mother, this could cause numerous issues including trust problems and destructive behaviors.

“Cheating causes a definite chasm in any relationship.  It’s a break that many cannot come back from.  The way of forgiveness is by faith and desire.  Without these two, it is an act that will destroy.” – Ariel ext. 9775

Lack of Self-Esteem

A lack of self-esteem exemplifies another type of emotional damage that might cause a man to stray, especially if he is looking at outside sources to make him feel attractive and validated as a man.

“If they really are cheating, cut ’em loose.” – Alison ext. 9885


If there have been problems in the relationship, both of you are probably feeling emotionally cut off from each another. A powerful, motivating factor for his affair could be achieving an emotional connection with and/or support from another woman. This might indicate that he is no longer receiving this support from you and your partnership. Taking a careful look at this issue just might be the best determining factor in checking on the health and happiness of your relationship.

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3 thoughts on “Why Men Cheat

  1. Winton

    my wife is very jealous of me when I am around other lady. If I go out she think I go with another woman. Not sure if it because of her past relationship. She have facebook, but don’t want me o have a face book account, she think I Chat with woman. Can you advise.

  2. ayobami

    Men are generally born to cheat on their souses as they believe is of right.they believe they are not meant to be permanently with a woman.so cheaters will always cheat unless they die.

  3. Robin Bednarczyk

    Or maybe its just that cheaters are DOGS who don’t know how to stay loyal to one person! And believe me I HATE INSULTING THE DOGS like that, as I LOVE DOGS, but it is what it is. OR maybe thats why I married one with the sexual mentality of a dog.


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