Your Numerology Forecast: Meeting the Demands of the Week

The deep-thinker energy of this 7 Universal Month will be especially helpful in meeting the demands of the week’s intense Pluto presence which peaks on Tuesday. Mercury (everyday mind) is in cooperative alignment with Pluto (power issues, underworld journey) and Pluto is powerfully standing still in the sky before moving backward (retrograde) beginning Tuesday until mid-September. These planetary influences can give you X-ray eyes!

And speaking of retrogrades, one of the infamous Mercury retrogrades begins on the 17th, so use this week to finish your taxes, back up your computer, tie up loose ends, and complete as many communications, contracts and negotiations as you can. Mercury’s “shadow” influence actually begins a week before the retrograde, making this week the most dependable time to tend to important details.

Monday – The sociable 3 Universal Day’s vibes make for a congenial Monday on the surface, but tomorrow’s astrological aspects are already in place. Use 3’s friendly approach to probe deeply into work and personal challenges.

Tuesday – This 4 Day is about more than plodding dependability. 4 understands how things work, can develop systems that run themselves for years, and has the uncanny ability to recognize when anything is out of sync. Use these skills to make the most of the Pluto-Mercury influence described in this week’s intro.

Wednesday – Freedom-loving 5 today may clash with the somewhat repressive influence of Saturn backing up into Virgo again until late July. Use 5 to shift focus to far horizons rather than getting stuck in nit-picking details.

Thursday – The cooperative inclinations of this 6 Day will help you to find ways to use the week’s astrological influences for the betterment of everyone around you. Then relax into cozy domesticity in the evening.

Friday – A 7 Day in a 7 Month is both a challenge and an opportunity. Your analytical abilities and insights are uncanny, but social requirements can seem stressful right now. The “X-ray eyes” influence from earlier in the week is waning, so get it all written down today.

Saturday – Getting home, family and paperwork (remember Mercury retrograde looms!) whipped into shape is a perfect activity for this managerial 8 Day.

Sunday – 9 Days like today are about completing cycles, finishing projects, wrapping up negotiations and – with Mercury retrograde in the offing – signing and completing paperwork and communications. You’ll have fewer glitches if you do it now rather than next week!

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