Understanding and Establishing Rituals

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Why Rituals Matter

Your attention is, in many ways, a source of power and potential. When you focus your attention on something, you absorb some of what you are focused upon. However, it can be difficult to harness and apply this “power” beneficially. Much of the manufactured world recognizes both the importance and the fickleness of your attention and has devoted large amounts of time, energy, and resources to capturing it. Luckily, there are practices you can use to channel your attention where you want it to go. Among the most significant of these is the art of ritual.

What Are Rituals?

Rituals are a repeated set of actions imbued with meaning, designed to bring your intention, attention, and energy into alignment. Rituals can help people with manifesting, habit-breaking, shifting energy, growing personally, deepening understanding, and building community.

As such, all rituals have a focus. Perhaps it’s working toward a goal, grounding yourself in a feeling, or making a change in the world. This focus tends to dictate when the ritual is performed. It may be attached to a specific date, season, time of day, emotion, or event, among many other options. The actions that make up a ritual may stay the same, or they may change over time as the needs of its practitioner become clearer or shift.

Benefits of Rituals

The actions that make up a ritual don’t necessarily have an inherent meaning. You are the one that brings meaning to them, and by repeatedly performing the ritual and engaging in these actions again and again, you reinforce that action’s meaning in your life. This can fortify your commitment and focus, and it may help you sustain your motivation if you’re working toward a goal.

Because rituals require conscious attention and presence, they’re often very grounding. They can help you process what’s going on in your life, whether that’s giving you time and space to grieve, helping you get closure, or even just encouraging you to slow down. A ritual reminds you that it’s important to inhabit the present moment.

Taking a break to engage in rituals can help you release stress. The focus, intention, and deliberation inherent to rituals allow them to facilitate transformative growth and can help you transcend self-sabotaging behaviors. To build rituals into your life, you must contemplate your values and evaluate how to best align yourself with those beliefs, and actually committing to a ritual requires that you develop self-discipline.   

Types of Rituals

Rituals come in all forms, from extremely intricate to remarkably simple. They can be performed at nearly any time interval, whether that’s hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly, among many other options. As mentioned above, a ritual’s focus can also vary. They can emphasize self-care, birth, death, celebrations, work goals, and beyond. Some rituals require objects and/or resources.

These resources can include a massive variety of things. To give a few examples, candles, incense, bathtubs, pen and paper, music, water, and secluded spaces can all be used in rituals. Other rituals may require nothing but your time and attention.

You may already have a ritual or two in your life. Some common rituals that you may be familiar with are guided meditation, family dinner, and your bedtime routine, if you have one.

How To Create Your Own Rituals

So how do you create your own ritual? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Start small. Rituals don’t need to be lengthy or complicated to be powerful. If you are new to creating rituals, try something simple. You can increase the complexity as you get more familiar with the practice.
  2. Choose a focus. Think about an area of your life where you need a shift in energy, or maybe consider a goal that you’re trying to meet. Then, try building your ritual around that focus. The more specific your focus, the more potent the ritual.
  3. Research. To help you come up with ideas for practices related to your focus, try doing some research. How have others worked to manifest that same goal or change? Look for suggestions that appeal to you, then pick a practice or action to try!
  4. Select a time. When does it make sense to perform this ritual? If you want to improve your sleep, it might make sense to perform the ritual before bed. Alternatively, if you want to get more in touch with your emotions, you may decide to align your ritual times with the phases of the moon. Regardless, after you decide on the timing pattern of your ritual, put a reminder on your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, or write a note to yourself so that you remember to perform your ritual while you are still getting used to it.
  5. Be patient. Integrating a new ritual into your life is not a linear, instantaneous, or easy process. There will probably be highs and lows on this journey. Exercise patience not just with the process, but with yourself.
  6. Remain adaptable. Daily life can be unpredictable. There will probably be times that you forget your ritual, don’t have the tools you need, or simply find that it doesn’t feel fulfilling. Give yourself grace and remember that you can always try again next time. If you’ve been using a certain ritual for a while and still don’t feel like it fits, consider making some adjustments. Don’t be afraid to experiment if, after multiple attempts, a ritual isn’t meeting your needs or desires.

Stay on the Road

Rituals are a time-tested and honored tool that remain somewhat shrouded in mystery even today. It’s important to remember that rituals are what their performers make of them. They can carry years of history and formality, or they may be more recent and casual.

Generally, ritual is a great way to align your experience in the present moment with your highest good. It is a useful tool to turn to when you feel lost, ungrounded, overwhelmed, or simply unmotivated. You can use rituals to keep your attention focused on what really matters to you, which can help you progress on your life path.

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