9 Tarot Cards That Predict Marriage

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“Will I marry my current love?” Most people ask themselves that question at some point in their lives. Luckily, Tarot can illuminate the likelihood of marriage in one’s future and even hint at the appearance and personality of a future spouse! The relative strength and positions of the cards in a spread can also provide insight into how happy a particular marriage might be.

Here are some key Tarot cards that predict whether marriage is in your future, and what the union will be like if it is!

The Best Marriage Tarot Cards

These key marriage Tarot cards can indicate the qualities that a given marriage may have, as well as the partner’s appearance and personality traits. Upright cards generally indicate “yes” and “soon,” while reversed cards suggest significant delays or even a response of “no.”

1. Ten of Cups (Upright)

This is the ultimate marriage card. It signals that you’re near your personal concept of a committed relationship. This card carries an energy of overall happiness and prosperity. It offers harmony and peace. The image of a family looking together at the rainbow tells us that joy is on the horizon.

2. Three of Cups (Upright)

A celebration! The people pictured in this card are dancing together blissfully. They appear to be close friends and associates. It’s time to party! They’re toasting to the joy of a close friend. This card may show the members of the wedding party.

3. Ace of Cups (Upright)

A “big love” has found you! Fertility, abundance, joy, and optimism overflow into your life. Something new and wonderful has shown up on the scene.

4. Four of Wands (Upright)

Two separate family trees are joining together, and everyone’s happiness will increase as a result. Peace and harmony will reign between all members of this extended kinship. It is being recognized and celebrated.

5. The Hierophant (Upright)

You will find the perfect officiant for your wedding. It could be some type of clergyperson or a civilly licensed individual. They possess the authority to declare your union official. They give their blessings.

6. The Lovers (Upright)

Your bond was destined to take place! This card indicates that the two of you have karma from past lifetimes and dedication to each other’s spiritual evolutions. You have the relationship of soulmates, blending body, mind, and spirit. Angels and guides surround you both with support because of this.

7. Wheel of Fortune (Upright)

A change in status, name, or income is imminent. Expansion is the keyword here. In this case, the turn of fate is fortunate. You are rewarded for your love and devotion. A lucky new cycle is beginning, and it’s one of growth.

8. The Sun

Vitality, affection, contentment, creativity, and fertility. The Sun indicates a new social order that includes your community and brings happiness to your backyard. Procreation is possible, along with a harvest of benevolence and goodwill. The laughing baby riding through the cultivated sunflower field typifies this blend of youth and maturity.

9. Ten of Pentacles (Upright)

Whatever’s happening here could go beyond you and span generations. This card signals a long, long relationship that might end only with death! Is it worth it?

Other Marriage Tarot Cards

Court cards, and their positions within a spread, can also provide some incredible insight when you ask about a future spouse. These cards can hint at the age, sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign of a future marriage partner. They can even reveal your mystery spouse’s profession.

Court cards that are looking away from each other and positioned separately within a spread may mean that an engagement is about to be broken, or that a couple is in trouble. This is especially likely if one or both of the cards are reversed.

If there is a third court card that is reversed and positioned between the two partners, it might mean that someone is interfering with their future plans. This could be an ex, a family member, or even a friend. Their agenda is to keep the status quo “as is.”

It is useful to become aware of where, when, and how a “third voice” could interfere with your plans. This is not to start a conflict but to help you counteract this obstructing influence by setting appropriate boundaries.

If the drawn court cards are upright and next to each other, that tells us that what’s going on between these people is very important. There is a strong alliance between them. The quality and substance of their relationship are solid.

To get a sense of how the court cards can affect a reading, let’s take a look at a few examples:

King of Cups (Water) with Queen of Wands (Fire)

This couple blends water (emotion, intuition) and fire (inspiration, courage). Both partners possess maturity and are a good age match for each other. One person brings a gentle and receptive quality to their interactions, while the other brings enthusiasm and ambition.

Knight of Swords (Air) with Queen of Pentacles (Earth)

These cards indicate that a partner with keen intellect (Swords) and another with practical common sense (Pentacles) have bonded. This is a good match. The Knight card could mean that a slightly younger person has chosen a slightly older person (Queen). This combination of qualities works for this couple.

Queen of Swords (Air) with Queen of Cups (Water)

Here, one partner is quite emotional and intuitive while the other is logical and technically gifted. This is a complementary relationship because they can compensate for the other’s weaknesses with their individual strengths. It’s a fortunate match!

King of Pentacles (Earth) with Page of Wands (Fire)

A striking age discrepancy could cause difficulty. The King has far more experience and power than the Page, who may be trying to keep up with the King’s obvious confidence and achievements. There is hope, though. If the King can become a kind and competent mentor to the Page and the Page can add youthful creativity and passion to the mix, it could still work out nicely for them.

King of Wands (Fire) with King of Swords (Air)

These two people are well-matched when it comes to experience and status. The King of Wands brings fire and entrepreneurial skills to their life together. The King of Swords brings objectivity and balanced judgment. They will help each other succeed in life.

When All Is Said and Done

Noticing one or two of the above-listed cards won’t guarantee a formal commitment between two people. Several of them together, in favorable aspect, strongly suggest that marriage is likely to take place. If a reading reveals several of these cards indicating marriage, along with well-connected and upright court cards, a future wedding is almost assured!

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