What is Self-Sabotage and How to Stop Doing It

What is Self-Sabotage and How to Stop Doing It | California Psychics

What is Self-Sabotage?

One of the biggest keys to success is intent. Being mindful and setting our intentions is a vital part of any journey you take. When we are so focused on succeeding, we also need to be wary of self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is anything we do that might threaten our success, whether those actions are conscious or sub-conscious. It can be difficult to realize that sometimes we are jeopardizing our own plans but understanding why these thoughts and behaviors are happening can allow us to recognize and repattern them.

Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

There are many reasons why the instinct to self-sabotage rears its ugly head. Here are just a few:
– Imposter Syndrome: Imposter Syndrome is something that anyone of any age or gender can be plagued with. Feeling like you don’t deserve something- anything from a job to a relationship, stems from feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Low self-esteem can affect our inner voice, telling us that we only got where we are by luck and not merit.
– Early Childhood Experiences: Our inner voice is formed early in childhood and adolescence. Any amount of trauma or neglect can cause a critical inner voice later in life. Negative experiences or relationships leave a lasting impact, training the psyche to be on the defense and prepare for more disappointment.
– Mental Obstacles: There can be mental obstacles keeping us from the start to the finish line. One may struggle with motivation and executive dysfunction that make it difficult to get started. Others may have trouble with follow-through or focus that make it impossible to complete anything. Setting up a routine can be a strategic way to start accomplishing goals.

Techniques to Stop self-sabotage

In addition to the direct consequence of failing to achieve our goals, self-sabotage can be detrimental to our work, relationships, and even our physical health. The good news is that when we recognize that we self-sabotage, there are many techniques to employ to stop self-sabotage.
– Create a Mantra: In a pinch, having a mantra to repeat to dissuade negative thinking can really help redirect your focus. Keeping self-criticism in check requires you to be more present and self-aware. Flip the internal script and replace self-doubt with motivation and support. The first step is to be kind to yourself.
– Write it Down: Having a phrase in mind to tell yourself when negative self-talk begins is important, but you can also expand on the things that you tell yourself. Never underestimate the power or weight of words. Take a moment to sit down and identify and embrace your personal strengths and accomplishments. Reflect on what you like most about yourself. Once you have a better frame of mind, take some time to write down small and achievable goals. When we forget about perfectionism, it becomes easier to accomplish tasks without an extra layer of anxiety. Reconnecting with yourself and releasing what does not serve you is good for your overall health, both spiritually and physically.
– Phone a Friend: It is important to find a healthy outlet when negativity builds up. Being your own cheerleader is great, but sometimes a supportive friend can make a world of difference when you need a reminder of how capable you are. Having a strong network of relationships with people we can be vulnerable with is important. These relationships help reduce anxieties and feelings of inadequacy.
– Learn from Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be anything to learn from. Let the consequences of your self-sabotage inspire you to do things differently next time and break old patterns. It can be hard to disrupt a cycle. Our minds crave consistency, which can lead to a pessimistic point of view. Breaking a cycle of negativity and self-sabotage takes effort and commitment.

How a Psychic Can Help

Self-sabotage has a lot to do with energies and intent. When resolving self-sabotage, you may require the aid of a psychic advisor. A psychic reading can also confirm that you yourself are standing in your own way. It can be helpful to hear about our obstacles out loud in order to make a genuine dedication to removing them. Connecting with someone that is in tune with universal energies and feels drawn to help others can be an important part of moving forward.

Psychics can also help unravel the elements of our past that may need healing. Often, there are things pushed into our subconscious that we don’t even realize are contributing to self-sabotage. Clearing that energy allows us to manifest a new outcome with a fresh self-motivating frame of mind. By identifying elements in our past, present, and future, a psychic can assist in creating a routine that fits our motivational needs.

Trusting that the Universe will only bring us things that we can handle is a great defense against self-sabotage. Work with a psychic to magnetize and accept the success we are capable of.

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