Try an Energy Flow Reading

Many of the callers I speak with here at CP will begin a reading with a specific question — this is what I refer to as a “flow reading.” I am a flow reader myself, which means I will not begin a reading (or be able to establish a connection) until I have an energetic opening in the form of a question. I liken this process to accessing a lock (my caller) with a key (the energetic opening). To this effect, readings vary in delivery and content as much as we do as individuals.

Alternatively, some readers do not require an energetic opening to begin a reading. While all psychic readings provide insight in some measure, the channels accessed differ widely, as do the specialties we offer. The way in which a connection is established is not however a gauge of ‘how good’ a psychic is — it is simply a sign of how our intuitive channels are constructed and tapped into. There is no concrete answer as to how or why this occurs.

For flow readers, I believe most of us have a heightened sensitivity in connecting specifically with energies. Some readers access information differently and do not need a specifically open channel to connect (this is called a ‘cold’ reading).

However, to connect in the flow sense, the energy channel from caller to reader must be open and is typically determined through Clairsentience (clear sensing and feeling). When I have a caller that will simply say “hello” and become silent, I personally get nothing but a blank slate because the energy to me is closed. What I will do at that point is ask my caller how they are and their first name. Next, I will ask them what area they want to focus on, or what their specific question is.

Sometimes, the caller will say something like, “I want to know where my life is headed,” and become totally silent. At that point, I will let the caller know that I need more information in order to help them. Some may feel this is ‘leading,’ but for me, without having a clear path to connect, my reading will be as vague and ambiguous as the attitude of the caller. If I continue to pick up blocked energy, I will let my caller know I am not connecting and ask them to terminate the call and contact customer service to connect them with another reader.

Our customer service team here at California Psychics is awesome and familiar with our readers, their styles, and their specialties — all of which are very important in a reading. So, when you are looking for specifics, such as timeframes, inner dynamics of people, the deceased, lost objects, etc., or even for someone whose style is straightforward, compassionate, or inspirational, I highly recommend contacting customer service before you call. They will match you with a reader who can offer the type of service that you’re looking for, so that you receive the highest quality reading and benefits from your experience.

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