The Power of Thought

The Mind Can Be a Formidable Ally

In researching for a seminar I’m giving this weekend on the power of positive thought, I came across a video of a woman moving a robotic arm with her mind. It really struck me; we so often take for granted how powerful our thoughts truly are — every day, our thoughts tell our bodies to move. And if using only the frequency of her thoughts this paralyzed woman can manipulate a big, heavy robotic arm to bring her coffee; how much more then can we use our thoughts to manipulate our lives? Ask yourself, what comprises your reality? How did your relationship, your job or your financial situation become the way it is now? It started with your own thoughts.

Do you doubt this? Let’s consider a woman; we will call her Jane, who keeps getting into unhealthy relationships. Over and over she repeats the pattern of becoming involved with men who are not good to her. On the outside she appears to be a happy, well-adjusted person. But in sitting down to have a conversation with her, she’ll refer to herself as a “magnet” for the wrong kind of guy. A self-fulfilling statement. Looking deeper, however, it’s apparent more is going on. There are three beliefs that Jane holds which support this “magnet” thought about her life. Belief number one is that she cannot be alone and be happy; belief number two is that she does not deserve unconditional love, and belief number three is that others needs are more important than her own.

The creation of these beliefs happened in childhood; Jane grew up as a child of co-dependent parents. As a result of this she was conditioned to believe in order to be happy she needed to be in a relationship. Additionally, because of the nature of co-dependent relationships – if you do this for me I will love you – she did not experience unconditional love. The way her inner child interpreted this reality was to feel she did not deserve unconditional love. And lastly, the pattern of co-dependency is to make your needs subjugated to the relationship. Hence her belief developed that her needs were less important. So, even though this thought of being a magnet needed to be reprogramed, the underlying beliefs which supported this thought must also be removed. They work congruently, changing the outward thought will not help if the subconscious still holds the limiting beliefs.

What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself?

How does it affect your thoughts?

What steps can you take to identify and release those beliefs?

One way to identify limiting beliefs that I share with my clients is to visit your “belief pool” though mediation. Ask what beliefs you hold no longer serve you, imagine those being brought to you and release them by exploding them or sending them upwards wrapped in light. Then you replace that with an affirmation and a new healthy belief.

In doing this, you will slowly begin to reshape your thoughts, and ultimately your reality. Before you know it, you’ll be bringing things you want into your life as easily as the paralyzed woman has the robotic arm bringing her coffee.

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