Secrets of Your Ruling Planet

Reveal the Secrets of Your Sign

Every astrological sign has a planetary ruler, and behind that planet is a secret or two to tell. What are the secrets of your ruling planet? Look to all the planets for their interesting tales, after all, we do have them all in our charts.


Your ruling planet is Mars, symbolized by the celebrated mythological Roman warrior, who is passionate and fearless. Mars was so admired by the Romans that they named a month after him: March.


Venus is the ruling planet of two signs, Taurus and Libra. Mythological Venus, for who the planet is named, loved sex, beauty and wealth as well as military victories. Her victory was conquering the warrior Mars.


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and as such rules communication between our spirits/souls and the world around us. In Greek mythology, Mercury was known as the “guide of souls.”


Your ruling planet is the night sky’s luminary, the Moon. It controls the tides of the ocean and the ebb and flow of emotion. In Roman mythology, Luna is the Moon Goddess. Because of its power, the word “lunacy” came to be associated with wild and crazy behavior during a full Moon.


The Sun, your ruler, is the father of the Universe, the life creator, and growth promoter. We grow into our Sun signs as we ourselves grow older. As the Moon is our emotions, the Sun is our conscious mind.


Mercury, who co-rules Gemini, is the messenger of the gods and “guide of souls.” In Greek mythology, a nymph he was to deliver to the underworld wound up being the mother of his children instead.


Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. She is the epitome of sensual elegance, and the planet first named after the goddess for being the brightest “star” (planet) in the sky (who was so illuminating, she caught the eye of her lover, Mars).


Pluto, God of the Underworld, rules Scorpio in modern astrology. Pluto is known to have transformative powers, bringing change and metamorphosis to all it touches. Pluto also rules secrets and the endless cycles of beginnings and endings.

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Jupiter rules Sagittarius in modern astrology. Mythological Jupiter is the ruler of the gods and the sky. Jupiter is the largest of all the planets put together, ruling financial luck and good fortune—basically, the sky’s the limit.


Saturn, the taskmaster as it’s sometimes called, is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. In mythology though, Saturn was the father of Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto among others, so Saturn obviously also knows how to have fun.


Uranus rules with unpredictable change wherever it travels. In mythology, Uranus was the son of Gaia, and together they became parents to the Titans. Talk about unpredictable twists.


In Roman mythology Neptune, your ruler, was the God of water and the seas, but just like his Greek counterpart, Poseidon, he also ruled over horses and was known to be very fond of horse racing.

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7 thoughts on “Secrets of Your Ruling Planet

  1. Randy

    Well the way I see it I have been betrayed by my planet I was supposed to be born in mid nov and I was born dec. 11 1957 and Jupiter hates me. This time last week I was on a boat on the Mississippi. Next weekend I will be homeless. So I have ran completly out of obtions.

  2. Pisces rising

    And using TRADITIONAL astrology

    Mars rules BOTH Aries and Scorpio
    Jupiter rules BOTH Sagittarius and Pisces
    Saturn rules BOTH Capricorn and Aquarius

  3. Herve Gesse

    Could you tell me why my life has been a failure and what to do to turn my life around?


  4. virgo

    As for my true ruling planet for Virgo has not yet been discovered as Mercury is only my foster planet until my true ruling planet is discovered and that is THUNDEROUS VULCAN or vulcan, and no it is not because that vulcan was on star trek, as it has got nothing too do with it, as it will reveal itself in due time, and as for the Taurean ruled people or for Taurus there true ruling planet is Pan Horus, as again it is yet too be discovered, as venus is only its foster home, and again venus’s true ruling planet belong’s too Libra, as it’s proper home, but not for Taurus as it is only temporary for those Taureans out there.


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