Weekend Romance: Sprucing Up For Saturday Night!

Be the Best You!

Get that guy you have had your eye on! It will be easier than you think because you actually do not have to focus on him. Instead, you will be focusing on you! Here are your Top 10 Tips for physically and emotionally sprucing yourself up before you go out, and these tips can help you attract and potentially seduce the man of your dreams.

Tip 1: Be in the right head-space to have a relationship

Be ready for a relationship before you start dating again. Definitely get your “Party Period” out of the way so you can move forward with no regrets. Make sure you have dealt with your past relationship issues and have had enough “me time” before you look for a new partner. This way, you can present your best self and start your relationship in a positive way.

“When you look in the mirror and you see what you see…if you were to be looking at what you see in the mirror, would YOU want you?” – Psychic Amelia ext. 9772

Tip 2: Be in a physical space to have a relationship

Do you have a nice, private place to bring someone home to? Is there space for you and your lover? In the popular book The Secret, author Rhonda Byrne stresses the importance of making your home fit for two by having empty closet space, his and hers areas, and perhaps even a second parking space. These strategies subconsciously make your love interest feel like they belong in your home and could live with you long-term.

Tip 3: Read Neil Strauss’ The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

This is a book about the art of pickup for men. However, the instructions and anecdotes teach women how to be more pickup-able. For example, you will learn about how to use “proximity” to your advantage and what “talking pieces” to wear to elicit conversation.

Tip 4: Consult a psychic

Seducing a person can be quite complicated and nerve-racking. It will calm your nerves to call a professional psychic and see if that love-interest is even worth your time and effort. A psychic can also help you overcome those past relationship hang-ups so you can move forward in a new romance.

“A psychic is like the friend you turn to that is on the outside looking in to give you advice and guidance. The fun thing is, psychics can also see what lies ahead of you on your path, thus giving you the tools you need in order to move forward and have the best life for you that you can.” – Psychic Asia ext. 5486

Tip 5: Plan on enjoying your night with or without him  

Display an attitude of independence. Enjoy your night out whether you meet someone or not. Just go out with the intention of having a good time. Don’t get so caught up in the idea of a blossoming romance that you get disappointed if you go home alone.

Tip 6: Conversation is key

Be sure to have plenty to talk about. The following strategies can build your conversation bank: memorize some jokes, read books regularly (especially nonfiction to learn new knowledge and skills), subscribe to a few magazines (I recommend Money, Wired, and National Geographic), watch the news, try new restaurants in other neighborhoods, take a community college class, go to the gym, see newly released movies and visit libraries and museums.

Tip 7: When it comes to makeup, less is more

Your mother was right! Don’t overdue the makeup. Show off your natural beauty as much as possible. Too much makeup makes it look like you are trying too hard. Consider visiting a professional makeup artist and asking them how you can achieve a stunning, natural look for nighttime.

Tip 8: Dress for the occasion

Always wear something that is classy, appropriate for the setting, and form-fitting to your best features only. Also, choose colors that are flattering to your skin tone. I always recommend wearing red or pink because that symbolizes love, affection and attraction. Use a dessert-scented perfume or conditioner to make him want to eat you right up!

Tip 9: Become a long-haired goddess

Nothing screams femininity more than long, flowing locks. Let your hair down. Do not tie it up or hide it under a hat. Typically, a man desires a very feminine woman, so look as womanly as possible. Once you get to know him more, then you can find out his specific taste and decide if you are willing to accommodate his preferences.

Tip 10: Be realistic about your prospects 

I am going to be blunt here: pursue guys that are in your league in the realm of attraction, intellect, and finance. First, pick guys that could be equally attracted to you so that you have a serious chance of landing them. Second, regardless of how much college you have completed, make sure you are on the same intellectual playing field and can banter. Third, do not be a gold digger. Buy your own drinks and be proud of the fact that you can in this economy!

If you use these sprucing up tips, the man of your dreams will easily be seduced by your looks, confidence, and personality. And, if he isn’t, you will still be a better you! Charles Bukowski once said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” So, walk through the flames of romance with your head high and with the right attitude.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Romance: Sprucing Up For Saturday Night!

  1. rebecca

    i think point 1 and five are great. Some of the rest of it seems like a lot of effort i dont know if id really be trying too hard if i did all of that. I think actually finding places to meet people is the first hurdle…especially if your not into bars. Mates only have so many friends. I wish men had a little light on them so youd know if they wanted a relationship or not…thatd save alot of time!!


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