Sacred Unions

During love making, two partners combine to become one. It’s a physical connection, yes, but like all human interactions, it’s also an energetic exchange – perhaps the most potent known to humans. Sadly, most of us seem to have forgotten that fact, instead equating sexual energy with pure lust or just feeling randy. Boy, are we selling ourselves short!

Our libidinal urges are a wildly pleasurable part of sexual union, sure… But they’re far from the whole enchilada, rather, they’re like the icing on the cake! If you want to foster a deeper and more satisfying connection with your lover – one that will fan the flames for years to come and bring you closer than you thought possible, the secret isn’t sexy lingerie, naughty movies or the latest, greatest sex trick (though any and all tools should be used at your discretion)!

By imploring the power of your own energy and connecting not just in the usual hot spots, but with your whole beings, you can turn what happens between the sheets into a sacred experience! Sound complicated, far out or just plain goofy? It’s easier – and less embarrassing – than you think! read on to see how…

7 chakras
Translated from Sanskrit literally, the word chakra means wheel or disk, but it refers to the seven energy centers of the human body, which correspond to nerve centers on the spinal column. Starting with the crown of the head and going down to the root, or the base of the spine, these energy centers are thought to play a part in different physical, mental and emotional areas. For instance, chakra six – or the third eye – is located between your eyebrows and related to perception and intuition. Chakra four – the heart – is associated with not only love, but inner peace and being centered. It is believed that by focusing your thoughts and breath on all or any one of these energy centers, we can improve our vitality and flow… as well as our sexual experience.

While sex is most directly associated with the second chakra – located in the abdomen and sexual organs, all seven chakras can be used to create a transcendental experience – before, during and after sex.

3 ways…
Try these exercises to enhance your sexual relationship – in order of the easiest to most advanced.

1. Press yourselves together…
Sometimes the simplest actions offer the biggest rewards! When you’re not otherwise thinking about sex (or there’s just no time to do it), you can bond meaningfully with your partner (and up your attraction) by aligning your chakras in an erotically (and energetically) charged embrace. You probably do this already on occasion when you cuddle… the only difference is now it will be intentional and focused.

Whether laying down, sitting or standing, wrap your arms around each other. Your hearts should be aligned and your bellies and sexy bits should be touching. It may sound like nothing, but as your bodies touch at all nerve centers from the most intellectual to the most sexual, the surge can be extremely powerful. One to five minutes a day ought to get your engines running. Because you’re integrating sexuality into your everyday experience of your partner, you’ll find yourself thinking about them more often in a more sexual way.

2. Use your hearts to turn up the heat!
Foreplay means different things to different people. Whether you’re tying each other up, hopping in the tub or simply kissing under the covers, take a moment to connect from the heart. Let your foreheads touch and look into each other’s eyes. Music, running water or ambient sound may heighten the experience. Breathe together and feel the energetic exchange. If it’s awkward, just try to relax, holding each other’s gaze… even if you laugh a little at first. Let your chests touch and again, focus on your hearts. The flow of energy should warm you both, fostering a feeling of connectedness and excitement as things progress naturally to the next level.

3. Bring spirituality into sex
First things first, for some, talking of god in relation to sex is going to be uncomfortable. That’s not the intention or implication here. Rather, the aim of spiritual sex is to align your highest nature with your sexual selves. After all, sex – no matter what you believe in when it comes to religion – is a divine union of two people. A union that is not just of the second chakras, but one that begins at the crown and works its way down! Now it’s time to harness that power!

As you and your partner make love, visualize your bodies as electrical chords igniting along the chakra line. It may sound lofty now, but once you’ve made your way through the other steps, you’ll be much more comfortable and have more experience working with energy. See your bodies sparking at every center – from your awareness (chakra one) to your grounded physical presence (chakra seven). Don’t spend time focusing on this in your head, just feel the electricity as you touch, kiss and become one.

When present, this is the kind of sex in which you can lose hours. And best of all, when it’s done, you’ll return to your day more grounded, energized and connected to each other than you thought possible. You won’t need to look elsewhere for inspiration, as you’ll have channeled the divine.

Taking just an hour or two a week to make your union sacred by doing these exercises – or others – will pay off in ways you never imagined. Once you’ve experienced a sacred union, you will never settle for less again.

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