Mars, Venus and You

What sends you over the moon – makes your toes curl and your heart race? The answers are in your stars, and in this case, related to the appearance and disposition of Venus and Mars in your birth chart. Venus and Mars rule love and sex respectively, and you’ve got to consider both if you want a real, comprehensive picture of your romantic prospects.

Once you know what you’re really looking for in a mate, and what you really need in the bedroom, things should get not only easier but clearer… and a whole lot more fulfilling!

Your Venus
Let’s start with love. Venus represents the goddess of love – she is concerned with beauty, art, harmony and relationships. Venus in your chart shows where your deepest values are – what is really important to you, not what you or others think should be important to you. It also rules your inner gifts or talents, your possessions and other tangible resources. What sign your Venus is in reveals how you love…

Venus in Aries
You are an impulsive “love-at-first-sight” lover – looking before you leap may be exciting but far too often you may find that once you get to know your object of desire, there’s nothing beyond the initial attraction.

Venus in Taurus
Slow and cautious, you are exceedingly careful with your heart. Once you’ve fallen you are devoted, steadfast and sometimes possessive. When someone this solid and careful falls in love, it’s forever.

Venus in Gemini
This lover is easily recognized, you’re the life of the party, charming, quick and surrounded by admirers. Often described as fickle and changeable, lighthearted and easily amused, it’s not easy for you to commit. Commitment just feels, well, boring.

Venus in Cancer
You are famous (and infamous) for your sensitivity in matters of the heart, in fact you may be too attached to loved ones and possessions. However, love is so important to you that you’re loyal, nurturing and make a fantastic life partner.

Venus in Leo
“Look at me!” In your heart of hearts you’re just crying out to be seen, really seen and accepted for who you are. This may make you a bit of a drama queen but your warmth means you’re often surrounded by admirers.

Venus in Virgo
This lover is quick to devote themselves to social causes, emotional work and artistic endeavors. Never superficial and always reliable, you’re generally considered quite a catch.

Venus in Libra
You are the very embodiment of love, you love to love, you love to be in love, you love to make others feel loved. Your romanticism and ability to present yourself to your best advantage, with everything ‘just so’, makes you damned attractive.

Venus in Scorpio
Sensual, deep, mysterious and sometimes a bit cruel – your fame as a passionate and tempestuous lover is deserved. This is despite the fact that you’re so very good at burying that smoldering intensity.

Venus in Sagittarius
You are the flirt of the zodiac! You never hurt for paramours and partners, but woe to the serious man trapped in your lovelight. You’re justly known for your adventurousness – and how can one partner continue to be an adventure?

Venus in Capricorn
Your loving impulses are driven by loyalty, attachment and responsibility for your partner. Those who fall under your spell will be well taken care of – you’re noted for your unwavering devotion.

Venus in Aquarius
Love is a fine thing, when it’s not too, well, messy. You’re a great partner as long as your beloved doesn’t go in for bouts of emotionalism or drama. Your love of freedom compels you to stay just a wee bit detached, but that distance makes you so enticing.

Venus in Pisces
If it’s possible to love too much, to give too much (and it is!) the guilty party is probably you. A better friend and more giving lover will be hard to find, you’re generous and thoroughly devoted – just don’t cast those pearls before swine.

Your Mars
Now what about Mars? Let’s not forget sex! If Venus shows how we love, for better or worse, Mars reveals our sexuality. Mars symbolizes action, initiative, what you feel is worth fighting for, and especially how you express your energy. Mars, by sign, reveals how you make love…

Mars in Aries
You’re energetic, and decisive in pursuing your infatuations. In bed, you’re active, confident and take the lead. Just be sure not to let enthusiasm become pushiness.

Mars in Taurus
Once your interest has been captured, you’re a sensualist. The fires of passion and possessiveness make your ever-so-slow touch incendiary.

Mars in Gemini
Quick to act, and quick to get aroused – you’re great fun in bed as long as you stay focused.

Mars in Cancer
Your sexual strength is your deep intuition, follow it wherever it may point you and you’ll find your lover’s secret, favorite spots.

Mars in Leo
Passionate, generous and warm as a lover, you’ll always have admirers hoping for a chance with you.

Mars in Virgo
You’re clever and giving in bed, for you good sex is healing and you’re all about sharing that loving energy with someone proven worthy.

Mars in Libra
Love, for you, is a full aesthetic experience of sharing, sexually and emotionally. Your partner is lucky indeed.

Mars in Scorpio
Charismatic, passionate, and strong-willed, with the right person you really are a demon in bed.

Mars in Sagittarius
You’re daring, bold, adventurous and fun. Dull moments will be rare when with you – and if someone else is dull, you’ll move on!

Mars in Capricorn
Both controlled and controlling in bed, your deep sexuality is magnetically attractive.

Mars in Aquarius
Never afraid to experiment, your originality as a lover will win fans among free spirits.

Mars in Pisces
Sex is an experience of love, connection and mysticism for you. You’re giving, generous and imaginative as a lover. Your beloved will count themselves fortunate.

Astrology allows you to understand how you love and why you’re driven to initiate relationships. With this knowledge, you may find that you can make more conscious choices. And conscious choices always improve matters – so get to know yourself and watch your love life blossom!

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