The Heart of Relationships

(This is the second part of Phoenix Adoni’s series about the fourth chakra.)

In order for a relationship to stand the test of time, there are two essential requirements: Intimacy and balance.


Intimacy begins with being intimate with one’s self; knowing ourselves truly and deeply on all levels; our positive and negative aspects, inner thoughts, habits, patterns, etc. This leads to the path of absolute self-acceptance, and once upon this path, we are able to be truly present and intimate with another. This comes as a result of an open heart chakra.

One synonym for intimacy is familiarity. Intimacy is about opening ourselves to another person so that they are “familiar,” or know us on a deeply personal level. This takes hard work and great courage, since most of us hide in the shadows of self rejection, which transfers into our intimate relationships. Without intimacy there can be no balance in a relationship, and without balance, the far greater the chances of the relationship ending.


Balance is essential for a healthy, open heart chakra, which allows us to have such beautiful and transcendent relationships. The most crucial point is to be balanced within ourselves first. When we live from a balanced inner state, we live with stability and an open heart, allowing us to truly connect on the heart level with another person. This process cannot be accomplished solely through the mind, body or a single chakra. It can only be done when all of our chakras are aligned, with the heart as the center of our existence.

Balance within the dynamic of an intimate relationship consists of the energy of give and take. In a truly balanced relationship, the give and take is comparatively equal, although it can never be 100% all the time, as this is not reality.

More often than not, the demise of a relationship is the result of an imbalance within the give and take paradigm, and the lack of honest communication regarding the issue and the feelings surrounding it. These imbalances can occur in growth (spiritual or otherwise), money, sex, child rearing, or any other area that comes within the realm of relationships.

When relationships have reached such a state, and the issues are avoided, we either slowly or quickly shut down our fourth chakra in a futile attempt at self-protection and self-preservation. And if the relationship has reached such a state of critical mass and the issues are not discussed, it is sure that the relationship has already ended.

What do you think – what are the best ways to restore intimacy and balance to a relationship?

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