Memory of a Past Life Love

Troyes in Manila writes:

When I was 32, I had recurring dreams of saying goodbye to a man in a military uniform. It was always the same scene, at a train station somewhere in France or Italy. In the last dream I was in a wedding dress and crying. I woke up in tears. That was the last time I saw him. Was it a soul memory?

Hello Troyes,

Yes, I believe you were recalling a past-life experience. There are several clues that tell you if a dream is about a former life. First, the dream’s environment, people, and situations will be unusually realistic. Also, the surroundings, clothing, and other elements might be from another time period. Perhaps most important, as in your case, such dreams evoke deep feelings that can stay with you long after you awaken. The dreams took place when you were 32, and you’re 44 now, so they obviously made a profound impression on you.

However, past-life dreams usually don’t just appear out of nowhere. Something triggered your memory. It could be that you met the soul who was the military man. Or it could be that you’re presently facing some issues that resulted from your experiences during that lifetime. For instance, the dream suggests that you were prevented from being together with your husband-to-be, either through his death or another circumstance. As a result, you may have been born into this life with a fear of abandonment, which might lead to a resistance to making a commitment with someone you love. Or you might have an intense aversion to war, the military, or even trains. I would suggest trying to connect the dreams to what’s happening in your life (or was happening when you were 32) and see if they illuminate any issues you need to work through.

Sweet dreams,

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