The Art of Lingerie by Sign

Pretty lingerie is highly underestimated when it comes to the power it has to spice up your life. Make your fantasies come true with one of life’s great pleasures, by exploring the universe of lingerie – astrologically. Your sun sign can predict the looks that will help you feel good all under, all day. Plus, it will bring compliments and kisses in your boudoir at night.

Aries: Tomboy chic

You’ll turn down, the obvious frilly, sexy stuff and avoid a bra if you can, so head straight for a casual yet elegant red hot or cool white cami and boy shorts combo instead. Sexually confident, you’ll love the surprise of bringing your lover to their knees in strategically buttoned classic boxer PJs in colorful stripes or solids.

Taurus: Comfy sensuality
Since retail therapy is one of your fave pastimes, when you head for the lingerie department, indulge yourself in soft, silky bras and high leg panties in springy soft shades of green, blue, yellow and brown. You love the way silk and satin feels against your body, so when you slip into something comfortable after hours, choose satiny pajamas or a soft nightie that begs to be touched.

Gemini: Hard and soft
To soothe both sides of your Lolita-like lingerie nature, choose a lacy, frilly mix and match bra and panty set for day. Have something mischievous ready for evening action (leather perhaps?) or a selection of oh-so-sexy baby-doll outfits, a flirty demi-bra and thong panties worn under a sheer, naughty top, to bring out the girl and the woman in you. As a Gemini, role play is one of your best assets.

Cancer: Demure femininity
Cancer women tend to feel like they have too much or too little on top. Therefore, the right bra is one of your most important concerns. When you find the styles that boost your confidence, buy them in soft shell shades of white, gray and silvery blue with matching bottoms in several styles to fit your fashion moods. Long or short, an unfussy sensual chemise and matching robe in a vintage look will bring out your deeply romantic, sexual side.

Leo: Flaunt it
Hi-end designer to-die-for-lingerie is always next to your skin both day and night.You won’t spare any expense to look rich and sexy under your clothes, even if you’re the only one who knows it. For the boudoir, be daring in anything tastefully sexy, from a bustier set that’s elegant, not trashy, to a flamboyant little costume that shows off your best assets, in your favorite theatrical color – gold.

Virgo: Sexy to perfection
Neat, classic and unfussy, Virgo’s prefer to be perfectly pulled together with the most stylishly functional lingerie underneath – but remember matched sets can come in some perfectly yummy under-things, too. Confident Virgo gals also understand the magic of layering as a tactic to get a lover to dig for her buried passions. Leave your dressing room in a new silk robe and lace chemise in one of your feel-good shades of navy, sable or black, and he’ll be undressing you layer, by layer in no time.

Libra: Ideally feminine
Supportive but sheer bras with lacy details in nude or soft colors, balance out your need to be elegantly feminine, yet practical at the same time. Give your gorgeous decollete area some play in the bedroom with a slippery, satiny, kimono robe and v-neck gown. It’s sure to appeal to your old-fashioned sense of pure romance – and your lover’s, too.

Scorpio: Hot tomboy
The femme fatale of the zodiac, it doesn’t take pretty lingerie to give you a look that smolders. But leave it to you, to be wearing the most exotic choices in underwear under a buttoned-up tailored suit. For your evening pleasure, whether you start out in a boyish boxer PJ set or an uninhibited vampy garter belt and bustier, you’ll be in your bliss when you finally get down to wearing nothing at all.

Sagittarius: No-fuss performance wear
Always in a rush, your lingerie of preference is high performance and no fuss. Chances are your under-things are a grab-bag mix of a racerback bra and cotton knickers or briefs. You feel silly in anything too obviously sexy, so start your uninhibited good times in the no-frills dazzle of a camisole and shorts set. Even if you wear it with sweat socks and a cardigan the next morning, those long lean athletic legs should be cause for your lover to ask for more.

Capricorn: Traditionally sexy
It’s about time for Cap’s to glam up their lingerie choices with some refreshing color and fun. Avoid the plain-Jane, but expensive, luxury spandex bra and panty sets. You can spend your money on sexier, showier tops and bottoms in deep rich tones and still be in your comfort zone. But, for that good old fashioned roll in the hay, wearing black in the sack is perfection, if it makes you feel confident and sensual…ahh!

Aquarius: Kooky and spontaneous
Who knows what you may have on underneath your clothes! The unexpected is what’s right for you. Any creative combination from trashy to girlie might suit your fancy. For times when someone special is going to see you in your underwear, your creative combos should make the most of your perfect breasts – in push-up, plunge or strapless bra styles. Be all dolled up for a nighttime romp in fun-n-games pieces like a feathery boa, a sheer flowing negligee and high-heeled slippers with a touch of fluff or bling.

Pisces: Sexy diva
Since you prefer to dress for your mood, have a drawer full of pretty undies to choose from. Mix or match the pale, shy colors you prefer to wear above and below your clothes – baby pinks, blues and greens – in camis, bras and a selection of bottoms. Whether you choose to make a romantic entrance wrapped up in the sexual drama of a goddess-like gown or the softer seduction of a silky pajama top or gossamer baby doll, well – that’s your fantasy!

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