Sweep Out Bad Luck

Kari in Los Angeles, CA writes:

Hi Marin,

I’m in need of help. I am turning 30 in a couple of months. Lately, I feel my life is falling apart. I lost the job of my dreams, have nothing to my name, have made poor romantic choices. I was driven, but suddenly feel that spark of life is slowly fading away. I’m constantly depressed and very scared, which is not who I am. Is there a curse on me or something? I feel like I have had a string of bad luck.

Psychic Marin ext 5113 responds:

Quite often, I receive phone calls from people who sincerely believe that they have had a “curse, hex, crossing or jinx” placed upon them when a string of bad luck arises. Nothing goes right in their life, and disaster seems to follow them everywhere.

As horrible a situation may seem, not everyone who believes themselves to be jinxed really suffers from this condition. “Curses” are frequently a misrepresentation of fear, depression or illness, or a belief that someone has wrongly decided that an enemy is the cause of their suffering. With that said, magickal curses do exist, although they are extremely rare.

One method for identifying your specific situation is to get a reading from one of the reputable psychics at California Psychics specializing in this area. Another way to identify the ill effects of another is to attempt self-diagnosis through a means of divination, such as card reading or the use of a pendulum if you are skilled in this area. Or you may want to perform the following exercise simply to regain a new perspective and begin a new chapter in your life. Whether you believe that you have been cursed or want a fresh start, this exercise is an effective remedy.

For this exercise, you will need a small white votive candle and a broom. I suggest that you purchase a broom to be used specifically as your magickal tool, not to be used for everyday sweeping and cleaning. Before beginning this exercise, concentrate and charge the broom by grasping it in your hands and briefly praying for the intention of purification. This simple action will establish a psychic link between the you and the broom, transforming it from an ordinary broom into your magickal tool.

1. Think deeply about the beginning of your streak of “bad luck” and when the change in your life started to take a turn for the worse.

2. Take mental note of all the “cursed” situations you have experienced, as you want to make sure you are visualizing these negative energies surrounding you that you want to remove.

3. Using a broom, and starting in the East portion of your house (the direction of new beginnings), begin sweeping out all the stuck energy that you feel surrounding you. Sweep using a banishing motion which is counterclockwise. If your house is primarily carpeted, don’t worry. This can be an “energetic sweep,” and you don’t have to aggressively make contact with the flooring as you would when removing dirt or debris.

4. As you sweep, continue imagining that you are sweeping out all the negative energies that you brought home with you. You may choose to see it as darkness, dust or even a series of memories that you’re sweeping out.

5. Sweep throughout the entire house, working from room to room, in a counterclockwise direction.

6. Feel free to verbally or mentally speak any chants that come to you as you take charge and sweep away the negativity. For example, “I banish this negativity from me and my surroundings.” Or “Negativity, be gone!”

7. After you have completed the sweeping, light your white candle, and in the opposite direction, clockwise, begin walking throughout your home. With the candle in your hand, call on the white light of divine purification to bring happiness and positivity into your surroundings.

8. As you enter each room, visualize it filling with a glowing golden light.

9. Return to the center of your home, the heart of your home, and place the candle in a safe location where it can burn until complete.

Once you’ve completed the steps, take a few moments to feel the energetic shift and enjoy the feeling of happiness surrounding you and your environment, and the security you have created.

Understand that you have the power to remain free from harm, and unaffected from the “curse” or “hex” of another individual. A curse is only as powerful as you allow it to be.

“Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.” –Psalms 37:1


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