Black Cats: Fact and Fiction

Black Cats: Fact and Fiction | California Psychics
The Halloween Effect Black cats are an iconic symbol of Halloween. Viewed for centuries as the devoted companion to witches and warlocks, they developed an unfortunate reputation for bad luck that follows ... read more
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Spiritual Insights: Negative Spirits

Can negative spirits enter your life, spin you around, mix you up, and leave you feeling drained and confused? Sometimes worrying about that kind of thing can be a lot worse than any actual bad spirit, and ... read more

Setbacks as Opportunities

Have you ever felt like if it weren't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all? Most people go through periods of time, long or short, when it just seems as if no matter what you do, something is ... read more

Why Tempt Fate?

Have you ever spilled your salt and scurried to throw it over your shoulder because - gulp - you needed to ward off evil spirits? Do you get nervous if someone doesn't say bless you when you ... read more

Unlucky 13

Expecting bad luck on Friday the 13th? Well, worry not because superstitions are often based on rumors and unrelated facts cobbled together, and the dread of the number 13 is no exception. ... read more


Life's hard enough without having to worry about accidentally upsetting the spirit world. But if you pay attention to these superstitions, you can use them to your advantage to stay lucky in life - and ... read more
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