5 Habits of Highly Creative People

How You Can Use These Habits to Your Benefit

If you’re a creative person, but you find that you’re lacking organization, an open mind and social skills, don’t fret. There are a variety of new tools you can learn over a short span of time that can benefit you and allow you to develop into a highly creative person. Try practicing some of these habits to enhance your current path towards a flourishing and successful creative career.

1. Always be Curious

Highly creative people are constantly curious. They want to know who, what, when, how and where at all times and they don’t hesitate to ask. Start being more inquisitive and show your need for information. Ask your editor or creative director what their thoughts were on your latest submission or see what the general public think of your work by displaying it somewhere where they can drop comments into a box. Most people will kindly offer you the information you are seeking, so do not be afraid to ask. The worst they can say is “no.”

2. Embrace Feedback and Criticism

Always encourage feedback on your creative work. Do not put up walls, get annoyed, retaliate or lash out when someone offers you feedback. Some of the most successful chefs, artists, fashion designers and architects have welcomed constructive criticism only to turn it around into a positive learning tool.

3. Turn Into an Optimist

Practice positivity throughout your day. Welcome happy moments and fun experiences. Open yourself up to a world where there is abundant beauty. Avoid negativity at all costs as it can dim your own personal creative light at any time. Escape the darkness and move towards the light. Appreciate your surroundings and value what the world offers you on a daily basis.

“Not everyone can envision a ‘light’ around themselves to block negative energy, but just about everyone has been to the dentist. When you need to block negative energy, do this: Think about what’s causing your stress, see how that makes you feel—now, envision that lead apron you’ve put on in a dentist’s office as though you are wearing it now. Feel the weight of it on you, and think of that stressful thing again. It dampens the stressful feeling, right? Practice makes perfect here. Use this tip and soon you’ll have a quick tool to help defend yourself from negativity. I’ve used it for years.” Psychic Donna ext. 9448

4. Be Enthusiastic on a Daily Basis

Highly creative people are enthusiastic about their achievements and goals on a daily basis. They don’t let negative events and expressions stand in their way. Rather, they move past them with ease. Highly creative people adore their own work. The more enthusiastic you are about your own work, the more others will be too.

5. Be Open to Change at All Times

Highly creative types are always open to change and accept that this is the way the creative world works. They learn from feedback and make draft after draft until they feel happy with their work. Be open to whatever changes come your way whether they’re having to rewrite an entire manuscript or having to redo your blueprints and designs to a client’s satisfaction. Creative types that are successful are always open to changing their work around because they know whatever they end up with is usually meant to be. They may start with one idea and finish with an entirely different concept.

“Remember, nothing changes until we change our approach.” – Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146

In order to be a highly creative person, practice some of the tools above while also remembering that learning and embracing feedback is so important. People that shut down at the first response to their work never get anywhere when it comes to climbing the creative ladder. Be confident in yourself and your work and show the world just how talented you are. The more you believe in yourself, the more others will believe in you too. Want to connect more deeply with your creative side? Talk with Psychic Prinny ext. 5134 and find out how.

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