Start the Second Chapter of Your Life

Life After Divorce and Loss

While it may seem impossible to see the light right after a messy divorce or after the death and loss of your partner, there is hope that things will get better. Divorce may feel just as painful as the death of your partner and both of these painful events will always stay with you throughout the span of your life. But, do not give up! There is life yet to be lived and there is another chapter of your life that needs to be written and experienced.

After you have gone through the grieving process and processed your feelings over time, you may be ready to move on. If you feel like you are fully healed and ready to explore what life has to offer you, you will discover there is life after loss and divorce. Here are some ways you can take action to step back into life again at your own pace. You deserve to live again and experience all that life has to offer. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Join Social Circles

If you feel ready, it might be time to meet some new people who can add new, positive experiences to your life. You do not have to talk about your past loss or divorce with the new people you meet. Take everything at your own pace, but try to open your heart and mind to some new personalities. Join a new group, go to a social event with one of your supportive friends, meet friends online or join a gym that offers group challenges. Get involved in your community.

“Trust is so important in relationships and it can be a deal breaker when trust has been broken.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

Dating? Yes or No?

If you feel you are ready to take the plunge and start dating again, then take it slow. Some people tend to dive right into dating relationships after divorce and may think they are ready, only to find out that they are not at all. Try a few dates or try meeting some interesting people online on sites like or Again, you do not need to disclose your pain or personal baggage. Just keep things light and casual and meet someone for coffee.

Life Keeps on Living

Even though you lost someone due to divorce or death, you are still alive and breathing and you are meant to live your life. Break free from guilt, shame, anger and any other feeling you have experienced over your traumatic circumstances. It might be a good time to look within and learn how to love yourself before you start new relationships. It is your call because you know what stage  of the grieving and healing process you are in. Are you not relishing your time being single? Talk with Psychic Hayden ext. 5424 to see what’s ahead for you in love.

Love Yourself

If you have forgotten about yourself during your divorce or grieving over a loved one, it is time to take care of you. How about a little pampering? You could treat yourself to some time away. The most important person in your life that you need to worry about and take care of now is you. Give yourself the love you deserve and reach out for some support so that you can learn some tools and techniques to develop your self-esteem and self-worth. The love in your life begins with you.

3 thoughts on “Start the Second Chapter of Your Life

  1. marc from the uk

    I can relate a lot to Theresa’s article, I believe that sometimes it is more than physical, it is more than emotional, it also spiritual, that takes time, I have learned so much more about me, and discovered a new me. I do sometimes wonder in a dream state that would it be great to discuss with an ex what happened? but that is not reality, so the best thing isto be honest, dignified, and open to a new path.

  2. Theresa

    Thank you, Natasha, for your insightful article. For me, divorcing someone has a process very similar to that of death. The since of loss and guilt. Shame. I’ve tried to do various things mentioned in your article, and a lot of them have worked to push me forward. I’ve rediscovered myself in a lot of ways. However, I still have the lingering dreams with my ex. I’ve tried “cord” cutting and cleansing. I’m not sure, but there may just be a lot of karma associated with us. I feel emotionally over this person, but what about getting over a person spiritually? While I never felt very connected to him when I was with him, I can’t seem to “shake” him now that he’s physically out of my life. We don’t even live in the same states anymore.


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