Spiritually Confused

Ashley writes:

I’ve been on a spiritual path for quite a long time now. Studying and reading up on all religions. I am open to all and of course was raised Christian but not strictly. Lately I’ve been intrigued by Buddhism but can’t help to notice that the universe is pointing me back to Christianity. All these signs, what do you think?! Can you give me any insight into what religion would be right for me?

Hi Ashley,

I have noticed when people are on a spiritual path they all seem to study and look into different religions. This is a normal thing to do.

You say you are intrigued with Buddhism, but you are being pulled back to the religion that you were raised with.

“The universe is pointing you back to Christianity,” means that is what is in your heart … at this time, that is where you feel most comfortable. What is it about Buddhism that intrigues you? Are there parts you can incorporate into your beliefs? Intrigue is a curiosity about something, it has your attention, but that does not mean it is right for you … for now.

According to Universal laws, the things we truly believe in our hearts, right or wrong, is what we have placed before us. This is why getting to know Self is such an important part of the spiritual path. You have taken the time to look and see if other religious beliefs are right for you or not — and evidently at this time — they are not. If they were, you would not be directed back to what you know.

Reading, study, intrigue, these are all things done with the head. There is an interest to know about different religions, but it does not mean you have to switch from one to another.

Religion is something that is done as a unit, following a certain set of rules and particular doctrine to follow, who is to say if any of them are right or wrong.

Part of spirituality is about going inside and finding out who you really are and what you like or don’t like. We are often surprised to find we only thought we liked something because it was all we knew. You are on an exploration of self-discovery and you will learn about many things, some may be right for you, and others you can simply eliminate. Congratulations on your progress, the inner journey is sometimes easy and confusing — but so worth the effort in the end. I hope this helps you.

In love and light,


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