Jennifer Aniston’s Soulmate Is Missing

The never ending discussion about Jennifer Aniston’s love life continues … only this time we get a psychic’s point of view! Astrochicks posted a love life prediction from a Canadian psychic that seems to be right on the nose. As most are aware, Jennifer Aniston is one purdy lady, with a lot of success behind her, money, and holds herself with a respected manner – however, she’s been through the ringer with men and can’t seem to nail down a suitable fella. Perhaps she should be looking for a man who isn’t in the spotlight? What is it about excelling in one part of life but being hindered in another? Is it possible to have it all – beauty, money, success and love?

Psychics, we look to you to see if you have any insight into why this sensitive, soft-spoken, ‘Queen of the A-Listers’ hasn’t been able to settle down with a real soulmate. Enlighten us?

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston’s Soulmate Is Missing

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    She will marry within two years… Cancer or a man with very Cancer-like traits…..he will be willing to build a ” nest ” with her……and he will have a sweet Cancer like sense of humor. He will NOT be in the entertainment field as an actor…..but in private business.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. misskrystal

    She is fantastic. There is a great guy out there with a wonderful sense of humor for her. She will find her man, or should I say, her man will find her…..Although she is great in films, a lot of us miss her on television. Even though her ex mr pitt, adopts children, helps the needy etc.-please don’t let that throw you off-This girl is way more down to earth than he is…she knows it now, too….Trust me…I think some people know where and what I am seeing here…..Don’t get me wrong, Brad loves his Angelina….If you look at the pictures with Brad and Angelina, vs. the pictures when he was with Jen, it’s obvious who he is more into. That is not an easy thing to handle, for someone in Jen’s position. As much as many women out there would love to believe he regrets what he did, I don’t think so. Some men like women who shake things up all of the time, as it is a challenge for some of them. I believe this is his big attraction to Angelina. On the other hand, Jen has a better fit for her, on the way, in the romantic department. I see her main dude- He is very down to earth and silly, will be totally by her side and eventually, it will all make sense… Kind of like George Burns and Gracie-Gilda and Gene Wilder-or Ann Bankroft and Mel Brooks….You are a comedian Jen! Love and humor is in your future! let the good times roll-love is coming….I am always here for you. Private and confidential. I know you love psychics 🙂 and you have a tarot deck -That is so cool you are open minded!
    Bless you, Miss Krystal

  3. Jacqueline x9472

    Jennifer Americas Sweetheart,

    More than anything she wants to have a great fabulous man by her side, but her biggest struggle is she absolutely does not trust, she doubts the relationships she enters into, even her ability to pick the right guys, not necessarily at first but it comes to haunt her about 3-4 ms into the relationship, on some levels she does self sabotage or gently test to see if they do have the best intentions for her and the relationship, she is to the point where she feels she is tired of all the ups and down associated with relationships.

    She does ask herself if she is ever going to find Mr Right, even if he exist.

    Jennifer if you ever need some personal one on one chat don’t hesitate to give me a call,
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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