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Change Your Life and Brain With Meditation

Suzanne from Falkland, Canada Asks:

Carmen, I have a damaged brain due to trauma and past lifestyle issues. As diligent as I can be with trying new things to change “behavioral ruts,” I only get so far before I stop. I know change is slow at times and the universe is on my side. Do you have any suggestions on how to feel “whole,” after trauma that has been a part of my life for forty years? Many thanks for considering my query.

Dear Suzanne,

I firmly believe that we can overcome past trauma and that past “wrong” choices can be corrected. So let me share what I actually know and what has been scientifically proven.

When neuroscientists studied the brains of Franciscan nuns and Tibetan monks, they found that the part of the brain that controls our time, space and depth perception, usually the most active part of our brain, would go completely blue and green for those in a very deep meditative state. In other words, these people really do become part of the universe. Furthermore, they also found that consistent meditative practice not only actively changes the brain’s chemistry and rewires the neurological pathways, but meditation—get ready for this one—changes your genes! The studies I have read and followed for a few years now, are so compelling and conclusive that I have decided to get on boat and start regular meditation again. Meditation gets rid of anxiety, stress and depression and actively creates peace. Monks are living a more peaceful life, because their brains are actually truly more peaceful!

The only thing with meditation, just like anything else in life, is that it requires practice and dedication. The good news is that they have noticed changes in brain chemistry for people who have meditated a mere eight weeks. So the longer you do it, the better the results.

“Meditation is key to a stress-free balanced spiritual life. Think of meditation like food. We have to have food to give us physical energy. We need meditation to give us spiritual energy.” – Lacy ext. 5494

Go and find a yoga studio or something of the like, or look for meditation places online in your area. There are plenty of places which won’t even necessarily charge for meditation classes. By the way, they found the same is true for prayer! Franciscan nuns use prayer instead of meditation, and yet they go into the same peaceful state the Buddhist monks did when they monitored their brain activity.

I really feel that it doesn’t matter what we may have endured and what choices we may have made in the past. We can always change our course. Each day, the universe is giving us new possibilities and a new, clean canvas to create upon again. Our reality truly is what we make it. I know it’s difficult to get out of a rut, trust me; I haven’t meditated in ten years, because I’ve had all kinds of stories and excuses as to why I can’t or won’t do it. Hence, I will give you one simple change of thought. Instead of “I should be meditating,” try to simply say, “I COULD be meditating.” Start the process and you’ll find that you can overcome anything. The good news is, it takes a mere two weeks to form a habit, and only ten minutes of meditation a day makes a difference! Good luck, my dear friend, and don’t get encouraged. It’s always a good time to start anew.

“There are so many ways to connect to sacred space, meditation is just one of them. I like to light incense and put on music, then turn out the lights and sit and just listen. Sometimes I just go out into the woods with a thermos of tea, or drive at night in the desert with no music and all the windows open. Anything that allows you to be in direct contact with the divine source will bring you back to center.” – Yemaya ext. 5143

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20 thoughts on “Speak Up: Create Lasting Change

  1. Brittany

    I really want to learn to meditate bc I know I need it! (dont we all)…but I have epilepsy and I’m on alot of medication so I’m not sure if I should try it. But wht do I got to lose…I need to at least try it! I hope it will help me on my self healing and get rid of this depression tht seems to b controlling my life these days. I need to do something bc this path I’ve been on has been goin on for too long! ~God Bless~

  2. Gopinathan k

    That was wonderful.Prayers and Japas ( chanting a mantra-a mantra is a combination of letterss or words, e.g OM is a mantra ) are at the lower level. Meditation is a higher level of spiritual practice.It is better to practice under the guidance of some spiritual guru(all the gurus
    u hear and see about are not the qualified onces).Why because it brings changes in our system which we are not accustomed to and create problems some people who lead a life of
    anger,violence etc. Toxic elements in non-veg. food is also not conducive to proper meditation.
    Even masalas,chillies etc are not very good for people who practice meditation.If u have
    attained a higher level the guru can easily u to higher levels or states of existence.But all these
    depends on ur current level-the capability of ur guru-only to some extent on ur determination and continued practice at regular times.

  3. Ramesh Pandey

    After reading the today’s Email sent from you feeling myself very strong . This give me a new hope. Now I am thinking that I have lost too much time only sit empty. If I do a little work ,then my life becomesI not so bad.

    I heartily thanking you.

  4. Seemagandhi

    I truly believe that everyday enjoying some me time is very refreshing.i do it and experienced the cleaner inside evey time.

  5. Kerry

    Thankyou for the above message. I used to meditate quite a bit and had stopped. I know that meditation is incredibly beneficial in so many ways. I also know that how and what you think actually comes to you both good and bad. Unfortunately, I have been in a bad head space for quite sometime and all my fears are actually coming true. Not because I’m a bad person or that I deserve bad things to happen to me, but merely because I’m thinking them.
    Thankyou for reminding me what I’m doing wrong.
    Regards Kerry

  6. Sue

    Thank you for your article.
    I very much believe we have the power within ourselves to alter the cells in our bodies to be healthier and happier. That feeling of the woods, desert, ocean, looking at stars, listening to beautiful music, feeling the wind and hearing the murmuring of trees…it can be pure bliss..the best high of all.

    I’m going to find a way to meditate!
    Thank you!

  7. C.Wright.Thru.

    Infinite and Eternal Blessings!

    I just wanted to add:
    On this journey there are times when we have to be a little more hard-core (and loving) on ourselves discipline-wise.

    If you find it hard to meditate, STICK WITH IT. TRY AGAIN, TRY AGAIN, TRY AGAIN.
    Keep working at it, and it will work for you sooner (rather than later)!

    Trust our Blessed Divine Source and put in the effort, consistently (daily)!

  8. Kathy

    Don’t know if you can make changes to the post once it’s up, Yemaya, but I’m sure you meant, “Good luck, my dear friend, and don’t get DIScouraged…..”

  9. Mike Higgins

    I was bought up Catholic and when I have a problem that is unresolvable I go to a local Cathedral and pray for a answer. With in a few days I receive a positive answer. I recently read a meditation book which was helpful but I find the church more beneficial to any unsolvable problems I might have

  10. shiv

    A very fine piece of spiritual guidance that moves the individual to de stress and attain mental peace.Though it has rightly been said that it is somewhat tough but then,it is not altogether impossible.One has to motivate oneself to start this course in the right direction and then you are on and on.

  11. Diane Crane

    I think that for a large number of people, meditation will take an amount of time that they will be unwilling to devote to this practice in the long run. I have noticed more and more people’s impatience with everything from taking time to heal themselves “how long is this gonna take?” to the “you’re in my way!” road rage . The anger thing is most disturbing to me, especially when taken out on strangers! Yes, meditation, taking stock of yourself within , is indeed a very beneficial thing, but like anything else, what you put in is what you get out. I use candles ( beeswax) and find them very soothing, but some people these days are not used to an open flame. Use what works for you.

  12. suzanna

    I”M so glad i read this peace.thank you i had several strokes and my DR cannot figger out y am I still alive .specallywhen i had my first one I was coumplety parlized from head to toe and in a commer.for 6 days 98% to die and 2% to live but im still here after 38 years.so i thank God for each and every day he gives me on this earth . I still had 6 more after that and here to tell my story.you are so write people give up on life just because thay think o well i had a stroke this is the end no thay very wrong you got to keep going like that ever ready battert one day at a time thank you

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Wonderful advice Carmen !!!!

    I’ve ALWAYS been an advocate for meditation…..the benefits are enormous in too many ways to count……mentally, emotionally, and physically speaking.

    I’ve trained psychics for over 30 years and have one rule, you must be able to meditate first…..as it opens up all of the psychic channels and increases one’s ability to focus and increases clarity, especially in the area of enhancing clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

  14. Amy

    Hi Carmen Honacker! I rally injoy reading ur article n it’s really true n I do blive
    Medditation can help to get thru dificalt moments of life, spesally praying is really
    Help full. Nomater how thgs ar difcolt thers allways a way out but its allways diffcalt to choos or know which one is the wright one n I blive that’s wear the confusion bigan;
    But in this diffcalt moment praying is the bast solution it reaiiy open ur mind n ur eys so I always use this matod to get thru diffcalt moment n I blive people have difrent ways to maditate n its allways to use which one is the best for u n good lake every one! And thank you for sharing Carmen Honacker! God bless!

  15. Truthsayer

    Great article!! Thanks so much for that great advice!
    I will try both prayer and meditation and finally write that time
    into my schedule like I wish I had years ago! I have great books
    on all of this too that I will crack open again. I think this is one of the
    pieces I have been missing all along! I think we all need to add
    a bit of faith into our lives and into these practices as I think some of
    us worry(like I do) that if we take the time to do that we will lose time
    doing something else important. This too is important!!

    A lot of people receive great advice. Only the wise profit by it!!
    I hope and pray a lot of people will profit from your great advice!!


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