Your Chinese New Year Forecast for 2012

The Year of the Dragon

Unlike the fire-breathing monsters of European mythology, Chinese dragons are wise, benevolent and fortunate for everyone. When Chinese New Year rolls around on January 23 this year, you’ll probably quickly notice the shift when Rabbit’s tendency to bolt at the first sign of trouble is replaced by Dragon’s courageous self-confidence.

Dragons do tend to rush in where others fear to tread, even the unusually patient Water Dragon. Yes, they occasionally appear foolish when they overestimate their resources, but usually Dragons’ innate good luck helps them turn seemingly impossible situations in to success, and they end up being celebrated as heroes.

They also tend to have powerful personalities, forging their own unique path, whatever their profession, like celebrities Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Michael Douglas, Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Reese Witherspoon, Mickey Rourke and Colin Farrell.

Doom & Gloom?

Ironically, our last Dragon year, 2000, also occurred amid prophecies of doom and gloom. Since those prophecies fizzled embarrassingly, we can undoubtedly expect to also navigate 2012’s dramas and emerge in better shape.

Dragon years are considered fortunate for finances, business, marriage and children, although Dragon’s over-the-top tendencies can sometimes mean bigger disasters, especially water-related natural disasters this year. Dragon years often feature confrontations on a massive scale, but Water Dragon’s thoughtful, diplomatic finesse increases the likelihood of resolution and change with minimal conflict.

In fact, Dragons are usually very socially conscious, Water Dragon even more than the others, and Dragon-born icons of social change Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Joan Baez surfaced when they were most needed in the 60s. It will be interesting to see how the coming year furthers positive outcomes for global social and environmental movements, and how the Dragon-born figure into the mix.

Elementary, Watson!

This year’s ruling element, Water, is one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth that cyclically influence Chinese Astrology signs. Those influenced by Water or Wood elements fare best in Water years, while Fire is the least compatible.

You in 2011

If you aren’t sure which Chinese Lunar Astrology sign you are, just keep adding 12 to your birth year until you get one of the base numbers listed below – and that will probably be your Chinese sign. However, since the exact New Year’s date occurs on the New Moon in Aquarius, and therefore changes annually, if you were born in January or February you’ll need to do a little research to be sure of your sign.

Snake (2001) – A good year for finding a mate, but caution is required in finances and business. Your X-ray vision and strategic abilities are your greatest assets.

Horse (2002) – Enjoy the fanfare and drama, approach challenges with calm courage and optimism, and by year’s end mountains will turn out to have been molehills.

Sheep (Ram, Goat) (2003) – Fear of failure is your biggest problem this year. Let Dragon’s courage bolster you, avoid drastic changes, and you’ll be fine.

Monkey (2004) – This year’s greatest gift to you is knowledge, whether its technological know-how or a new profession. Best mantra: patience does not equal boredom!

Rooster (2005) – You may feel like you can achieve anything this year, and you’re probably right. You’re most likely to succeed if you pursue a cherished goal.

Dog (2006) – Not everything will manifest before the end of the year, but it’s as though you can do no wrong. Whatever you do enthusiastically will pay off eventually.

Pig (Boar) (2007) – Build good relationships, leave nothing unfinished, don’t let frustration cause you to act in haste, and things will keep improving all year.

Rat (2008) – Adaptable and fast on your feet, you’re ideally suited to keep up with Dragon as s/he dramatically plows through obstacles and creates opportunities.

Ox (2009) – You may find the fast pace irritating or frustrating, but your infinite capacity for hard work will be rewarded through some remarkable opportunities.

Tiger (2010) – It’s not easy to share the limelight with Dragon, but you know just how to handle the intensity. Diplomacy isn’t usually your “thing,” but do your best.

Rabbit (2011) – Dragon’s protection means it’s time to go all out for your dreams! Watch the small stuff early on, then let healthy self interest guide your choices.

Dragon (2012) – Avoid people who want to take advantage of your good nature and charisma, and prepare to deal successfully with a number of major challenges.

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61 thoughts on “Your Chinese New Year Forecast for 2012

  1. Pam

    Born July 27, 1955, Leo – what does my career, money section look like for this dragon year?
    I am not sure what my Chinese sign is.

  2. Frank

    As the head of the household I work in 2 jobs for the past 15 years to support my family but in this economy like many others we are struggling too. I’m not educated I never had a chance or money for college because I had to support my family so I had to work.
    I would like to know if my financial struggle will ever end?
    Will I ever have that financial freedom?


    I am born on the 23rd of july 1967. having problem finding a pharmacy course at degree level in uk. What would you advise me. Thanks

  4. theresita

    hello,can you please explain to me further about zodiac signs.i was born on january 11 there difference between chinese lunar astrology and feng shui?if i add 12 to my birth year it would be 2009 which means im an ox.but for the feng shui that is mainly my year birth is 78 belongs to year of the horse.i am confused.

  5. Jamillah Jennings the artist

    My husband died March6,2011 and my Dad died two days ago he was 93 years old. I am a Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker. i am an Aquarius, born Feb 6, 1946 will i have a good year Love Jamillah

  6. Irene

    Thank you for Harold Emery’s Chinese New Year Forecast for 2012. He loved it! So did I because that is exactly what he needs. Exactly.

    I am wondering why I did not receive a Chinese New Year Forecast for 2012. Would really love to have one!

    Thank you, Irene Rasmussen Emery

  7. joanne

    I thought the chinese new year went from feb of one yr, to feb of the next, therefore I,ve always considered myself to be a snake since I was born jan 6, 1954 what am I?

  8. Liliana

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens when the full Dragon show’s it’s true colors on January 23rd. I am not scared, I am excited and feel strong. He is here to protect us.

  9. Peter J. O'Lalor

    Thank you for this and providing the daily guidance for which Astrology provides. I don’t know much about modern astrology but I do understand where the Sun sign is tendency or potential from within[ whereas, Sun signs. are influences from without and upon. California Psychic Astrology has been consistently right on! So long as I recognize tendency and influence. I start my mornings with you; so thank you for this free and valuable service.

  10. chantal

    i did not get the resualts of who iwould mary i dont care about chinese new year i just wnat to know who will i mary tyler kurgan or marc the new kid in town

  11. Coleen

    I have a question I need assistance with, as I have no idea how to calculate this as stated in your article.
    By boyfriend was born on January 19, 1961.
    What Chinese Lunar Sign does that make him.

    I am a Rooster, born on June 03, 1957.

    I do not have either of our birth times.

    This is very important to me, as we are hoping to take major steps in our life/lives, this year.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Coleen Blackburn

  12. olga medina

    I am so amazed at the kind of dream I just had a couple of nights ago, in my dream I was with negihbours/friends in the neighbourhood where I grew up and joined a group of people looking up to the ski, there were 3 beautiful ‘comets: never seen one in real life, they were beautiful made up of stars,a head/circle shape made up of stars and a long tail again made up of stars then few minutes later, people started running looking for shelter because they said the comets were going to fall on the ground, so I waited and YES, they started coming down and one of them landed close to me and I was able to see all the stars around me, what amazing dream!, I would appreciate if anyone reading this, would tell me the meaning of this beautiful dream!
    I am a dragon in the chinese calendar. Thanks so much, Olga 🙂

  13. Beckie

    How do I find out what sign I am in Chinese astrology? I was born on January 28, 1954. Could you help me figure it out please?

  14. Paul

    Not sure where my family (me 7/10/46) & my son (1/3/76) and our troubling financial situation figure into 2012 without a solution in sight. So on the one hand the forecast reads well and hopeful, but when will its positive affects reach my family?

  15. Barbara

    I am born under the sign of the Ox. My birthday is January 19,1950. Is there anthing that I should be aware of in this coming New Year of the Dragon?

  16. Berta

    This just in… BTW
    I am a Snake Chinese symbol, don’t know yours. Thought this might give hope to U as does me….finding someone Special.
    Xox hugs B

  17. marion

    I love this. I was born in August 1940. Very much a Leo and a dragon.
    I look forward to a challenging and wonderful year.
    Thank you very much for your site.

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