Your Soul’s Astrological Journey

Your Soul’s Journey by Sun Sign

As you explore these talents and gifts assigned to each astrological Sun Sign, they may remind you of your soul’s purpose and reason for your incarnation. Life may then become mystical, rewarding and more meaningful by reconnecting and remembering the essence of your soul.

Here are your talents and gifts. You may want to use them as a personal mantra:


I am the seed, creative idea and birth of nature. I am spring, vitality, courage, growth and loyalty. I bring inspiration and awaken passion for I am the pioneer and problem solver. I guide and heal, prepare and teach, innovate and motivate.


I am safety and comfort. I am endurance and persistence. I am deeply connected to the earth and am here to participate in its bounty. I am the nurturer of the seed to manifest its full blossom. I remind others of these things by my presence and I am the stabilizer.


I am mental engagement. I am the love of language, words, communication and cooperation. I am seeking to explore the world’s cultures. I give the gift of verbal dexterity and the charm of a mind that never loses its yearning or curiosity for knowledge. I manifest goals and dreams with passion.


I am the realm of feelings and moods with tears, empathy and laughter. I am the seeker and creator of warmth and protection of home. In every moment and in every interaction, I bring sensitivity and infuse the world with the magical elements of emotion, hope and love. I am a healer and nurturer.


I am joy and spontaneity, laughter and play, with a flair for the theatrical. I am love with splashes of glamour. Wherever I go my vividness makes colors brighter and people feel more alive. My gifts of love come forth and I share them joyfully. Courage and inspiration flow from my heart.


I am methodical, purposeful and devoted to the well-being of the earth and the animal kingdom. I sift and sort, prepare and think, isolate the relevant, the necessary, and then refine, release and cleanse. I improve everything my healing hands touch, so that life becomes better and functions well around me. No detail is left unattended. I master my craft and offer it as a service to mankind.


I am tactful and diplomatic—pillars of peace and bounty. Everything I do or am wears a mantle of loveliness. Colors, tones, hues and symmetry are my areas of focus and I make the lives of everyone better when I pursue my creative gifts. I am a detective and seeker of the truth and I open minds to grace. I give gifts of beauty, peace, harmony and healing.


I am intensity with penetrating eyes that always seek the truth below the surface of life. I am the unflinching gaze that can look at decay, death and deception, bringing clarity and light to the darkness. I purge and heal with universal power.


I am the explorer, wanderer and traveler searching for distant horizons. I am the spirit of hope and optimism fueled by humor. I belong to no country or culture except the truth. I am clarity and honesty that questions every idea and belief system. I am inspiration through freedom and spontaneity.


I wear the mantle of responsibility with clear intention. I am the ambitious builder of structures and modalities. My contributions are practical, solid and lasting. I am reserved, stable and knowledgeable with good judgment.


I am here to shine light on what is no longer working or useful. I seek to clear what has become stagnant and replace it with ideas that will serve mankind more efficiently. I hold wisdom of the ages and inventions for the future. I am quality and freedom—always looking toward personal awareness. I create new philosophies that influence social change.


I am compassion and forgiveness. I understand every shade of feeling in the human heart. My strength anchors itself in being vulnerable. Higher realms reveal themselves to me and I bring forth mystic gifts to awaken mankind. I am music, poetry and artistic aspirations. I bring the light of divinity to everything I do and call forth the wisdom of the elders.

6 thoughts on “Your Soul’s Astrological Journey

  1. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hello Vivian and Bella,

    Appreciate your comments. These are just snippets of information for each sun sign. If you know your ascendant and moon sign then read those as well thus giving you a more comprehensive view of your talents and gifts for this lifetime. Keep in mind that we pass through all of the sun signs eventually thus experiencing all of these gifts and talents on our soul’s journey over time as we no doubt create new ones as well.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  2. Vivian

    I am a Pisces and I have noted all the gifts mentioned- amazing! My husband is a Capricorn. Faith is spot on with his gifts too!

  3. Bella

    Yes ms faith I’m a Capricorn … Your right on about me & down 2 the “” T “” !!! “” it is what it is “” lol except you 4 got very loyal & until the bitter end .. Thank you Bella .. 🙂

  4. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Thank you Gina Rose. I’ve thought about that many times. Though the context hasn’t quite formed itself in my mind yet I’d be open to it. Appreciate your support.

    Hi Quinn! Happy October week ahead to you as well sister!

    Autumn Blessings to all, Faith ext. 9608 🙂

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very nice, Faith, I would love to see you write an astrological column in here.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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